Clean Air welcomes Newton employers

COVINGTON - The Clean Air Campaign helped a record number of employers cope with the struggling economy, ongoing traffic congestion and the desire to be "green" in 2008.

From July through December 2008, 80 employers joined The Clean Air Campaign - a 65 percent increase over the same period in 2007.

Two of those employers, CR Bard Medical Division and FiberVisions, are located in Newton County.

"Since last year, and continuing into 2009, more employers are searching for ideas to bring financial relief and get their employees out of gridlock," said Executive Director Kevin Green. "The Clean Air Campaign and its partners bring relevant solutions to these challenges. We welcome all of our new employers and applaud their commitment to reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life for their employees."

The Clean Air Campaign's employer services team provides on-site program development, worksite assessment, program support through no-cost transportation fairs, marketing tools, training seminars and networking programs.

Based on the elements of the employer's program, each one earns a partnership level of Community, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The Clean Air Campaign's employer service program is part of a multi-tiered effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality throughout the 20-county region that also includes commuter incentives, no-idling programs and public education. The Clean Air Campaign is one of 10 organizations in metro Atlanta that work in collaboration to provide employer-based programs to improve mobility and air quality.

The Clean Air Campaign works with Georgia's employers, commuters and schools to encourage actions that result in less traffic congestion and better air quality. To accomplish this goal, The Clean Air Campaign, along with its associate organizations, partners with nearly 1,600 employers to create custom commute options programs and annually helps thousands of commuters find commute alternatives that work for them, providing financial incentives to get them started.

The Clean Air Campaign also protects public health by distributing smog alerts and empowers students, parents and teachers to play a positive role in reducing traffic and cleaning the air through a multi-faceted education program reaching schools.