Would-be necklace thief is thwarted

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Not slick enough

The manager of a pawn shop told Covington Police Department officers that a man came into her shop and asked to be shown several necklaces. " ... While she was putting up a tray, he took a necklace from the tray and placed it in his left hand and held it up to his neck for several minutes and when she confronted him about it, asking him what was in his hand, he let (the necklace) slide down his back into his shirt." Surveillance video seemed to confirm the woman's story.

Refreshingly honest

A Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy reported that he arrived at the scene of a wreck and one of the drivers approached him and said, "I turned in front of them, officer. It's my fault."

No sale

A woman called the NCSO to report her son put his dirt bike out by the street with a for sale sign on it. The next morning there was nothing left but the sign.


Officials at the FFA Camp called the NCSO to report that someone had shot a .22-caliber gun into a water trough, leaving two holes with the result that all the water drained out. They were concerned that a stray bullet could jeopardize the safety of campers.

Under warranty?

A woman said she was traveling on Interstate 20 behind a Dodge Dakota when a TV with a 65-inch screen fell from the bed of the truck, striking the front of her vehicle. Nothing was said in the NCSO incident report about what happened to the TV, but one can only imagine. Everybody had insurance.

Interrupted hospital visit

A family was reportedly visiting their ailing great-grandfather at Newton Medical Center when a dispute arose between a woman's current and past boyfriends. One said all he wanted to do was make peace when he approached the other's truck. The one in the truck said all he wanted to do was show the other guy he had a gun. Both went to jail.

Good Samaritan thwarted

A man notified the CPD that he had been robbed. It happened like this:

He was in the upper parking deck at Newton Medical Center when two men approached him and asked directions to a Baptist church, but the man said he was unfamiliar with the church. They then asked if he knew where "Dr. Brown's office" was on Washington Street. Again, he said he was unfamiliar with that location, but offered to get into the backseat of his own car and let them drive to Washington Street. The two men got into the front seat of his vehicle and proceeded to drive down the road, when one of them said he needed to go to the bathroom. They stopped and the man left the car. The other man then said he needed to go check on his friend.

"Upon the two males leaving, (the man) realized that $725 he had in a bank envelope in the front seat was missing," the CPD incident report states, adding "At this time there are no suspects or leads."

Buckle Up

What started out as a simple seat belt violation, soon escalated to an arrest of a wanted person and drug charges by the CPD.

A woman was stopped for not wearing her seat belt. She did not have her driver's license, but provided the officer with her name and date of birth. When he ran the information through the computer, it came back that she had two warrants for her arrest and her driver's license was suspended. The officer gave her the bad news and then asked if she had anything illegal on her. She admitted she had 1/2 ounce of marijuana down her pants. She retrieved it and gave it to the officer, who also found traces of marijuana in her automobile. She went to jail.