Health Reports - 02/10/2009

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· Bojangles, 86-B, 1970 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers. Date: Jan. 16

Violations: Uncovered food product in walk-in freezer. Cleaning fluid stored on shelf with food product. Wet utensils stored stacked on one another. Damaged door gasket seal on reach-in freezer. No test strip available to test sanitizer strength. Dumpster door not closed as required. No covered trash container for feminine products provided in ladies' restroom.

· Donna Marie's Pizza & Pasta, 95-A, 1180A West Ave., Conyers. Date: Jan. 20

Violations: Mold-like substance in ice maker. Damaged door gasket seals on reach-in cooler.

· Hickory House Barbecue, 81-B, 1410 Klondike Road, Suite C, Conyers. Date: Jan. 20

Violations: Person in charge did not demonstrate knowledge of food safety. Potentially hazardous food not held at the proper temperature. Cooked barbecue meat not properly being cooled at the proper time and temperature. Single-use containers being used for other food products. Damaged bottom plate in microwave oven. No test strips available to tests sanitizing strength. Soiled door gasket seal on reach-in cooler. Inside microwave oven soiled with residue build up.

· American Bowling Center, 99-A, 885 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers. Date: Jan. 21

Violations: Damaged door gasket seal on front reach-in cooler.

· Jenny's Cafe Cooking, 99-A, 1794 Rockdale Industrial Blvd., Conyers Date: Jan. 21

Violations: Wet utensils stored stacked on one another.