Newton Poll - 12/26/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"To the person who wrote about the Newton County high band in the Christmas parade, for your information there is rules for groups that are in the parade. One such rule is no dirty dancing, and I am not a Bible thumper or a religious prude. A Christmas parade is no place for such action, as for the Newton High Band that sort of display should be expected from that school and it is my hope that the parade committee will not allow them to perform in future parades, unless they are willing to abide by the rules, like everyone else and that has nothing to so with religion."

"Lately everyone has been on J.C. Henderson and he has made some mistakes that I am sure he is sorry for. But he is the only commissioner who has stood up for the county employees and tried to help them. The others seem to not care about the employees and their families. They took all paid holidays away and even had the nerve to add some. Ever heard of bagging day. A Scottish holiday. Wonder if that one was thought up by the same commissioner who happens to own a golf course. I wonder if they ever decide to give back the holiday they will remember that they took away 16 days pay. It is very obvious that the commission could care less about the employees or there problems. Thanks J.C. for caring and shame on the rest of you!"

"This is in response to the individual that feels the need to comment on the weight of our deputies. First of all, if you are going to complain about law enforcement, get the terminology correct. Those who are employed by the Sheriff are deputies not officers. Secondly, if your parents taught you to respect police they should have taught you that weight does not equate to respect, or maybe you missed that lesson! You stated that the deputies could not hide behind a tree or car in a shootout, well God forbid any of our deputies ever get into a shootout but I can assure you any of the deputies in this county would take a bullet, overweight or not, for anyone, even you. Maybe if your friend was paying more attention to the laws she was breaking instead of staring at the deputy as he/she exited the vehicle maybe she would not have been in the position she was in ... hmmm. Since the county took 15 holidays from our deputies maybe you will get your wish and some will lose weight, and their homes, because they cannot afford to EAT or live ... how about that? Happy? Worry and comment on something of substance, please."

"When is the rest of Newton County going to get high-speed Internet access? We have no cell phone reception and no broadband/dsl/cable TV. We are just outside the Mansfield city limits."

"As I sit at Sharp Stadium and watch the three high school marching bands, I just can't help but see a difference in the schools. I have relatives' and family friends' children in each of the bands, and they each have their styles of conducting, marching, music, and dancing. Alcovy has a pretty good band with a good colorguard. Eastside has the smallest band a great director who is in it for the kids and the community. Congrats on your degree Mr. Fowler. Like Alcovy they are traditional. Now Newton, in the past Newton has had some of the best shows in the county. I thank Mr. Alexander for getting the band out of $15,000 of debt ... . But the high step and strip team has nothing to do with our religion. The music is not devilish, it's up to date! But as I read the parent's comment I called my friend whose child is in the band. They were very upset at the article. The person who wrote the original article probably didn't even consider religion. But our tax dollars are paying for a high school strip line and that is not right. The girls need to be dressed in more that just the jersey and gloves as it seems. Eastside and Alcovy girls work just as hard and have a complete outfit! My friend also brought to my attention that the punishment those kids are given is harsh. Her child's hands were bleeding when her came home from practice! I am disgraced that Dr. Whatley and his staff would allow this! Congrats to Eastside, you made it farther than any school in the county and have no reason not to hold your heads high. Newton and Alcovy, better luck next year!"

"To the person that wrote about their property taxes going up, you are not alone. My taxes keep going up also. I am retired and live on a budget that is very tight. So why can't the county stick to their budget. The houses in my subdivision has lost half their value, but my taxes do not reflect that. There is a way we can solve this problem and that is at the polls when we vote. It is time we take back our county and our lives, so let's vote them all out and start over and if the ones we put in do not do our will, then we will vote them out."

"This is to the young man who wrote about the proposed drag strip and how he has been going since he was only weeks old. As I'm sure you are a very bright Honor Roll student in college, I wonder if you are qualified enough to challenge the medical knowledge of one of our esteemed and well-respected local pediatricians. Or maybe you should consider eight years of medical studies first? Second, I'm sure drag strips are indeed a lot of fun and a great place to visit. Notice how I wrote visit? Since you have been going to drag strips for so long, you already know that you travel to wherever the venue is, enjoy the festivities, then go home. So of course, your health is probably all right. Seeing as the drag strip would be right behind my house and I, and my two children, would have to live with the air and noise pollution, as well as traffic congestion, random loitering, and all around lack of privacy. But obviously, someone like yourself has no consideration for what the people in the immediate area of the drag strip will have to endure on a consistent basis, as long as your entertainment needs are fulfilled. Also, I'll be sure to tell our pediatrician on my child's next visit that she has nothing to worry about after all, that a college student who's frequented drag strips since he was 4 weeks old is perfectly healthy."