Newton Poll - 12/19/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"Shame on the person last week who wrote about our officers' weight. I assure you that being overweight has no impact on them being able to risk their lives for people like you. Maybe you should have approached the officer and asked him how he was doing and wish him a Merry Christmas. Did you know the county has mandated its employees to take 15 days unpaid? Complain about something worthwhile."

"In response to the writer at Quick Trip observing the local Newton County Sheriff's officers: I think the comments made toward 'our' officers' weight was very rude. I am sure if the writer was in distress they would not refuse the help offered by a sheriff's officer above his ideal body weight. Your ungrateful attitude is much uglier than anyone's weight could ever be. We are a local business who is in no way affiliated with the Sheriff's Office. Our respect does not stop because someone does not fit into what society thinks is ideal. We still respect our local officers, and are grateful that they are willing to risk their life for our safety."

"Shame on the person that seems to think that because a deputy sheriff is a little overweight, that he can't perform his duty. The next time you need help call 411. Otherwise put on a badge and gun and let's see how you would face being in harm's way. I bet you would run like a coward -- heavy or not."

"I had to laugh at the comment posted about how great the Christmas Parade was with the exception of the Newton County band and their dancing. How dirty could the dancing be in full band uniforms and instruments? In the end it did not meet your taste and wait for it ... yes religion. These kids work hard on this band because my son is on it and I know. They learn hard work, focus, team work, and yes that hard work and dedication pays off in the end. I think these kids did a great job. Too bad your religion requires you to be so closed-minded that everything must offend you. I know, just put a little more in the offering plate and God will love you even more. You may want to pray for yourself for tolerance and understanding. What next, the band will be complained on because they are playing 'the devil's music.' Oh wait, that was just a song from the Nutcracker ballet. I think the only embarrassment is your inability to see something at face value and not make it about religion or faith."

"Could Newton County or the city of Newborn one please maintain Robertson Road -- I know there are only two of us that live on dirt portion but we pay taxes too! The potholes are deep and folks use the road to dump trash. But then again, since the road is never patrolled nobody would know that! Thanks for nothing!"

"My wife and I bought our house on a 30-year mortgage 25 years ago. In the last eight years our taxes have gone up, up and up until now our property tax bill is equal to five of our house payments. This is utterly ridiculous. I agree with the callers who are mad about the county spending money on the county chamber and the house that is 10 times better than ours that they are buying for the Recreation Department. I also agree with the person who wanted to do away with the whole Recreation Department. You could then do away with the light at Clark Street and Turner Lake Road and install merge lanes and save millions of dollars along with the millions saved by closing the Recreation Department. Don't these county elected officials realize that people are having a hard time keeping a roof over their head and food on their table or do they even care?"

"In reference to the lady at the City Council meeting Tuesday night about the drag strip, I would like to inform you that the doctor you gathered your information from about the drag strip being detrimental to your grandkids is a quack. That doctor has no clue what he/she is talking about. I personally have been going to a drag strip since I was 4 weeks old and my sister started going when she was 8 weeks old. And I have to say that we are both perfectly fine. We are both honor roll students and I am currently attending college. There has been no physical or mental harm inflicted on either of us."

"Well, I hope all you people who voted Obama in, I hope y'all are real happy and satisfied. As far as I can see he is not no super hero all y'all people thought he was going to be. John McCain might have been a lot older, but I think he would have done a lot better than Obama is. Obama is trying to take Medicaid and all that and fix it where the government would be in charge of it. Government has all ready messed everything up in the whole United States. They the ones we are in the shape we are in with the economy. All y'all people with your super hero, I hope you are satisfied. Look at the shape we are in."

"I would like to say I enjoy the Citizen. I really enjoy the religion part on Saturday. I have a complaint to make also. I have lived in Newton County all my life. I have lived in different areas of the county. But the dirt roads off Henderson Mill Road and Poplar Hill Road are a disgrace to our county. If the officials would just ride out and look, I think they would understand. I think something could be done. The ones who are supposedly working the roads most of the time are sitting in the truck or are asleep or just riding around. I tell you what, people complained about Mr. Varner, but he was great. Maybe we have another election we could get someone like him or either him back in. Wouldn't that be great."