Two Newton teachers hurt in incidents with students

COVINGTON -- Two Newton High School teachers have reported assaults involving students recently, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Student Juhwan M. Davis, 17, of 305 Bridges Way, has been charged with battery on a school teacher in connection with an incident that occurred on Dec. 11, according to NCSO spokesman Cpl. Anthony Washington.

"A teacher observed a student in the hallway who was allegedly skipping class and approached the student to find out why he was in the hallway," Washington said. "He requested he walk with him to the front office, and in the process, the student attempted to run away from the teacher. The teacher allegedly reached out to grab the student, slipped and fell and suffered lacerations on his hand and a facial injury."

Washington said battery on a teacher was a different charge than battery.

"It does carry a higher penalty. It is a felony," he said.

On Dec. 2, a Newton High teacher was injured after he pressed a panic button to summon a school resource officer when a student allegedly became disruptive.

Washington said while waiting for the school resource officer to arrive at the classroom, the teacher stood in the doorway.

"The student attempted to leave the classroom and allegedly pushed the teacher, who fell backward on his rear, knocking his glasses off and loosening his watch," Washington said.

Washington said the student is 15 and charges are pending further investigation. At this time, he said the school system was handling the matter.

"Safety is a primary concern in our schools and we investigate any allegations of assault against students or employees," Newton County School System Director of Public Relations Sherri Viniard said. "In the incident with on Dec. 11, the student has been suspended to a tribunal. Although it was not an assault, the student was found smoking and when the teacher attempted to make the student stay, he pushed his arm away, causing the teacher to fall. In the Dec. 2 incident, it was determined that the teachers' fall was an unfortunate accident. The student was, however, disciplined for being disrespectful."

Viniard added, "We will not tolerate disrespectful or physically aggressive behavior towards our employees."