Oxford starts green program

OXFORD -- Oxford College is continuing to do its part to help with the environment.

The college is starting its Green Printing Initiative, under the direction of Dean Stephen Bowen and the college's strategic plan.

According to the college, it will consist of three parts -- a purchasing program focused on printing technology and maximizing efficiency of materials and energy; an education program to inform users about energy, material and financial costs of alternative printing strategies; and a program to replace a large number of low-performance machines with fewer, more efficient ones that use networks.

"The Green Printing Initiative is the culmination of months of work and planning, and we are excited to be implementing it in the life of Oxford College," said Myra Frady, dean for Resource Planning and Chief Financial Officer at Oxford. "It reflects ... the overachieving commitment of Emory University to sustainability."

The college formed a team to help improve sustainability practices, and college IT staff will consult groups who are interested in reducing costs and improving services, according to the college.

Although the college hasn't come up with any hard figures yet, it expects to save costs and energy once fully implemented.

"Everyone knows that printing only when necessary, using network printers rather than individual ones, printing on both sides of the paper, printing multiple pages per sheet, using color sparingly and using the college copy center for large jobs saves some amount of money energy and material, but how much and under what circumstances?" said Sue Dale, human resources manager at the college. "This group will help answer these and other related questions so that printing practices become even better informed."

Although the Oxford students are not directly involved in the planning of the initiative, they said it will give them ways to remain environmentally conscious.

"This initiative not only helps us use our resources more efficiently, but also gives us the opportunity to lead our students by example in adopting everyday practices that will collectively have a positive impact on the future," Frady said.

The college already has a green-friendly residence hall -- the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold-certified building in Newton County and the first in new construction as part of Emory University.

It also recently implemented a trayless dining system in the dining hall, also the first for Emory, to reduce water usage, and food waste and has implemented several other recycling and green programs around the small campus.