Teen, 16, shoots stepfather

COVINGTON -- A 29-year-old Magnolia Heights man was shot in the back of his head by his teenage stepson about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, according to the Covington Police Department.

A CPD incident report completed by Officer Michael Bailey states the injured man was standing in the parking lot and holding a towel to his head when officers arrived at the scene.

"The male complained of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, at which time he showed me a gunshot wound which appeared that a bullet of small caliber entered the back of the head, traveled under the skin approximately 2 inches in diameter, and exited the head," the report states. "He stated his stepson shot him in the head and ran away."

The man's wife, 39, told the officer that her husband had come home drunk and he began arguing with her.

"(The victim) then went into her 16-year-old son's room where he was sleeping and began yelling at him," the report states. "(The victim) then pushed a dresser over and the 16-year-old jumped up out of the bed and told him to get out of his room. (The victim) then became enraged and called the son a 'bastard' and jumped on him, punching him the face and chest."

The wife said she tried to pull her husband off the boy, but he turned on her, "pushing and grabbing her throwing her from the room. When he turned around, the juvenile had a gun and fired one shot striking (the victim) in the back of the head. The juvenile then took off out the door running into the night," the report states.

Both the mother and the stepfather said they had no idea where the youngster went, but that he should be on foot. A short time later, he was discovered in the family's car where he was sitting with one of the seat's reclined all the way back in an attempt to hide from officers, the report states.

"The juvenile male was taken into custody and a black revolver pistol was located under the driver's seat ...," the report states.

The stepfather was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.