Amnesty offered for minor offenses

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office announced the implementation of an amnesty program that will allow those with outstanding misdemeanor warrants to turn themselves in without having to stay in jail or pay additional fees, according to Cpl. Anthony Washington.

The offer of amnesty is only for those with outstanding misdemeanor warrants for minor infractions such as deposit account fraud and traffic violations.

The program will be offered beginning today and continue through Jan. 15.

"Each person will be released on their own recognizance after bringing documentation which proves they have a valid address," Washington stated in a printed press release. "Proof of a valid address can be in the form of an electric bill, gas bill or water bill ... a valid driver's license is preferred."

Washington said processing will take place at the Newton County Detention Center at 15151 Alcovy Road, Covington.

"This process should take approximately one and a half hours at which time each individual will be notified of their new court date," he said, adding there is no cost associated with this program and all individuals are permitted to leave upon completion of the process.

"Those who don't take advantage of this offer will be apprehended by our warrants division," Washington said.

For a complete list of those with current outstanding misdemeanor warrants, visit the Citizen Web site at www.newtoncitizen.com. Or, for more information, call Vivian Ramsey at the NCSO Warrants Office at 678-625-1411 or 678-625-1485.