Rockdale school system updates its logo

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

CONYERS -- It's a small change, but it's a big step for Rockdale County Public Schools.

After years of discussion and planning, the Community Relations Department recently announced that the school system has selected a new logo.

"It's been a long time coming," said Cindy Ball, director of community relations at RCPS.

Several years ago as part of the RCPS strategic plan, system officials charged the department to create an updated logo that is easier to identify within the community, Ball said.

"The former logo is the lamp of learning that is a long-standing symbol of education, but mostly for those who are in the educational field," she said. "The general public does not easily connect with the lamp of learning."

Ball said the process to change the logo started before she came to RCPS about two years ago but nothing ever came to fruition.

"I began working on this two years ago with graphic design students from the Rockdale Career Academy and a committee to determine the elements that we thought a new logo should include," she said. "We came to a consensus on what it should look like, but we had difficulty getting that image displayed graphically to our satisfaction."

That's when she turned to THP Graphics Group Inc. in Conyers.

"THP is a partner in education with the school system and agreed to work with me until we developed something we were happy with as our new logo," she said.

In the end, Omar Murcia, art director of the creative services department at THP, came up with a design of the new logo.

"I have always been impressed with Omar's design work and felt that he would be able to capture our vision graphically," Ball said.

The end result is a green box with a graduation cap and shooting star inside.

Ball said the upward movement of the star and having it come out of the box symbolizes teachers, students, parents, staff and all other RCPS stakeholders reaching for their highest aspirations, going above and beyond and being prepared for the future and a global economy. The graduation cap represents the prekindergarten through 12th-grade students who educators ultimately want to graduate. And the color green was selected to be more warm and inviting and show support for parent involvement and customer service initiatives, rather than the blue it was before.

"It's a clean look," Ball said in a presentation to school board members last month. "It's more modern. ... It's kind of open-ended for the imagination and what it is for you."

The total cost of the services was $3,800, after THP donated $1,800 to remain within the department's budget, Ball said.

She said the school system plans to phase in the new logo as stock items need to be replaced in order to save money.

Along with the logo change, the Community Relations Department also plans to update the system's current tag line, "Developing our greatest resources."

She said the system has formed a committee to revise it and hopes to have a new one soon.