Quarles Letter - 08/28/09

I find it so unsettling that the senator representing District 17 in Covington in 2009 is so uninformed and falling into the same old rhetoric that is being spewed from the hill. Does this senator not know that in Porterdale there is a homeless shelter, serving food and housing people of his district that don't have the medical care they may need? Is he just that oblivious to the obvious that the rest of us in this county are aware of. If so, shouldn't he be more aware?

And the statements about the "Socialist system." Come on. When you talk to your senior constituents, Senator, do they know their Medicare is a good socialist program, run by the government? Have you said that to them. Do you, do they want that left alone? That is the government-controlled program that you don't want touched?

The seemingly lack of concern, displayed in the words in your letter to the editor are interesting. Encouraging people who are also uninformed to "rise up and demand ... " Your words, "I hope the hard-working, patriotic citizens of this country will rise up and demand the government get out of our business and leave alone a health care system that is not broken for 85 percent of Americans."

Are you saying, Senator, that if you are in support of a health care reform that you are not hard-working or patriotic? Sure is what it sounds like. And my favorite line, "If it is broken for the other 15 percent, fix that and leave the rest of us alone." So that sounds a little bit like what I first said about you possibly not knowing about a local homeless shelter.

OK, so why don't you convince your seniors to give up their Medicare benefits and the veterans can do without theirs too. Because Senator, you and I both know those are "socialized medicine" and the government is very involved.

All of the lying and half truths going on is astonishing.

We just need health care reform. It's not even ready for a vote. What have you offered as a solution Senator? The one in the paper?

I can assure you this. When it comes together and the truth and the benefits are laid out there. There are going to be a lot of senators and congressional representatives that are once again shown to be less than trustworthy and not working in the interest of their constituents. And I don't think it's going to be coming out of the Obama Administration and from "The letter writer and his Democratic Party allies."

Senator, I know this is a red state, but you know what. That, like everything else, can change and I think that's a change I can get behind. Don't continue to feed the lies, Senator, be one of the few Republicans that tells the truth about the benefits of reform. I have read the bill, your statements are untrue.

Cindi Quarles