Whitworth Letter - 08/26/09

The following was addressed to U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson:

As a voter in Rockdale County, may I register my opposition to the federal sponsorship of our health care.

I feel improvements are needed in the current system, but to consider takeover by the federal government is, in my opinion, insane. For a government that allows Korean/Japanese automobiles to close down GM plants in America, and then the government's bailout of same is just one example of a government flouncing around like a dead whale in the middle of the Atlantic, and the pending legislation says add socialized medical care to the heap ... total nonsense. By the way ... add Democrat Barney Frank's gross mismanagement of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the mess. In my neighborhood we have what used to be $500,000 houses vacant with weeds taking over. Thank you government for encouraging those 120 percent loans with no down payments!

For the reportedly 85 percent of Americans quite satisfied with insurance coverage ... for the Democratic efforts to socialize the system to cover the rest is totally ridiculous. For those who won't purchase insurance, let them survive on over-the-counter medication. How about this: Unless you have paid or are paying into the system, you don't get it! I do not intend for one more dollar of my taxpayer money to go for another welfare system added to the existing housing, food, real estate, clunkers, on and on and on - no end in sight. I am flat sick of it.

Rep. Johnson, please toss any idea of supporting the health care ill-fated legislation and get on with real problems facing our nation ... the national debt (reducing, not adding to it!)

Thank you and I will appreciate comments on this very critical issue.

Johnny Whitworth