John Douglas Letter - 08/21/09

The Aug. 19th edition of the Citizen contained a letter to the editor from a local pharmacist who complained long and loud that hospitals and health care operate on the profit motive, like every other business not owned by the government.

The basis of his letter was that the proposal for a government takeover of the American medical system would be good because "hospitals and health care are not health care driven." He would substitute the wisdom and knowledge of a doctor caring for a patient with a self-important bureaucrat in Washington who would decide what medical attention you needed or if you would even get any attention at all. He would turn over our health system to the same bureaucrats who have bankrupted the post office, Social Security, Medicare and the Treasury itself.

The letter-writer and his Democratic party allies would impose on us the same system that Canadians flee when they need immediate care, as they vote with their feet and cross the border to get good medical care. He would put us in the same situation as we learned about recently where a British woman gave birth on the sidewalk because she was denied an ambulance when she went into labor and was told to walk to the hospital by an English bureaucrat in their National Health Service.

He would have us entrust our health care to the same government that can't even get the Cash for Clunkers program right and has been so slow to pay auto dealers that many are getting out of the program. He would have us believe our president when he says this nationalization of health care won't cost us anything even as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office puts the price tag at more than one TRILLION dollars.

I do have one question in my mind that the letter writer did not answer. If profit and money are what's wrong with the health care industry, why doesn't he give away free or at cost, the medications in his pharmacy. Why doesn't he invite some obscure bureaucrat to determine who gets what medicine? Why has he spent many years involved in a profession where he is so unhappy that he wants the government to confiscate it?

Now we are told to trust the federal government because they can get this one right. We should meekly hand over the health care system and stop being rowdy and difficult. Our Washington masters know what is best, and we should be like little puppies and do as we are told. This country was founded by men and women who would not sit quietly, who would not surrender their liberty, who would not allow some distant king to dictate to them and ignore their wishes. We retain that drive and determination 233 years later.

Socialized medicine and a socialist system, the ultimate goals of the Obama Administration, are not good for America. I hope the hard-working, patriotic and concerned citizens of this country will continue to rise up and demand the government get out of our business and leave alone a health care system that is not broken for 85 percent of Americans. If it is broken for the other 15 percent, fix that and leave the rest of us alone.

John Douglas

GA State Senate District 17

Social Circle