Recreation manager steps down

CONYERS - Another Rockdale County employee is leaving but this time without a clear explanation.

Don Holley, deputy director of recreation and maintenance, will resign from his duties Friday.

There was no reason given in his resignation letter, dated Aug. 3, Rockdale County spokeswoman Holly Lafontaine said.

Holley was a county employee for the past 10 years and in his current position for the last eight months, where he supervised up to nine full-time employees and various seasonal staff.

Holley was in charge of the parks division and the recreation center and served as a liaison for the youth sports organizations.

His pay grade allowed for a salary between $53,476 and $85,374. Holley's annual salary was $64,563, according to Lafontaine.

Lafontaine said David Smith, Rockdale County recreation and maintenance director, will decide in the next few weeks whether to keep the position vacant or hire a replacement.

"He (Smith) does plan to have a management-level person at Johnson Park, but has not completed his evaluation. So he can't say at this time what those exact plans are," Lafontaine said, adding all evaluations and proposed plans will have approval from Rockdale County Chairman Richard Oden. "However, he (Smith) plans to do some in-depth evaluation on his entire department - all divisions - and may do some internal restructuring."

In this year alone, Rockdale County has gone through a slew of adjustments in personnel, including realignments, resignations and terminations.

Chairman Oden implemented a hiring freeze at the end of June, according to Lafontaine, but it affects only certain positions in county departments.

"The county will still hire for essential positions and those are listed are on the Web site under the job opportunities button," Lafontaine said.

Commissioner JaNice Van Ness said officials decided to forego any new employees "just because of the cutback in (the) budget."

But there should not be any impact to residents, according to Van Ness, and the county will continue to provide good service.

"I think we're learning to do more with less," Van Ness said.