Newton Phone Poll - 08/15/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

Wake Up America! It is time for another D-Day! 'Demand our voices of protest be heard!' We are not happy with what Obama and his congress are doing to us. I am a member of AARP, which until recently, I thought was a company interested in 'helping retired people.' I now feel sure the company has one goal in mind: Axing retired people. This is clear when we see them support Obama's idiotic health plan. All people 65 and over will be hurt if this bill is passed. Elderly will be an unknown word because no senior citizens will be allowed to receive the medical care they need and deserve. I have Medicare and joined AARP in order to get their supplemental and prescription coverages. Adding Medicare, supplemental and prescription premiums together, I am paying $301.25 per month. This, of course, has nothing to do with extended care, which costs a considerable amount yearly. If Obama's health plan goes through, I won't need extended care because I won't live long enough to get to that stage in life. Has anyone heard Obama mention extended care? They want everyone to have to take their ridiculous coverage, even though not one in Congress will be trading their great insurance coverage for the one we Americans will be forced to take. We are living in a time where action is required! We need to reclaim our country and our freedom. We need to speak out and take part in waking fellow Americans up! Please remember - the people serving in the U.S. Congress are not royalty, but public servants. They are supposed to work for us! They are nothing but part-time help that can be fired; it's called Election Day!"

"To the driver of the red/burgandy truck on Flat Shoals (near the fire house) at 10:30 on Thursday, Aug. 6th - do you feel as if you are more of a man for running over the turtle on the edge of the road? The same turtle that I had stopped my car for, and was walking back to help it cross safely? A strong man shows respect for nature and life. A weak one kills for humor and amusement. Which do you think you are now?"

"Thanks to our new sheriff! I did not vote for him but am pleased with his performance. Keep up the great work and you've got my vote for reelection."

"I am the one who wrote in from South Carolina. I was not saying Covington was a nasty place. I love Covington and Newton County. I only moved here because I could not find work there and found one here only after being here for a very short time. I am sorry if what I said upset you."

"Her Highness (Mayor Carter) is chomping at the bits for a raise and, according to her statements, she's determined she's going to get one at some point in the future. She refers to the fact the position has been at the same level of pay for 32 years as if she has served those 32 years. Fact is, she knew what the mayor's job paid before she ran for office and should be satisfied with what she's paid. However, if there is a problem, or she can't perform her duties, then there's always the option to resign. Which in this case may be the best option. The budget increases over the years as well as the surplus are irrelevant as comparison to salaries. If the best interest of the community is at heart, then elected public servants should forego any salaries and serve for the satisfaction of bettering the community and the prestige of service to the community."

"This comment is in response to the problem with speed on the section of Lower River Road that has caused so many accidents. Has the county considered speed humps in this section of roadway? I am sure that the citizens that live in the area as well as the loved ones of people that have either been injured or killed there would help to raise the money to see that this problem is solved."

"To the person ranting about the simple statement 'it takes a village to raise a child' - It's pretty awful when you feel like you are all alone and the whole world is against you. Life is a lot easier when you are part of a network of friends and family, a community, a neighborhood. We have wonderful communities and neighborhoods in Covington/Newton County - please join us ... you'll be amazed how we take care of each other and watch out for our kids."

"What happened to the cooperative theme high school, which was going to be a joint venture between Emory University and NCSS?"

Editor's note: This school year, Newton High School started a liberal arts academy, which is a partnership between Oxford College and Newton High School. The program allows students enrolled in the academy to take rigorous course work, get a look at college life and participate in community service projects.

"No wonder so many people opt for home schooling and private schools. It has only been one week of classes, but the disruptive behaviors in my child's classroom are a total distraction to the other children trying to learn. And, why do the schools punish an entire class (silent lunch, removing from connections classes) just because a few students in the class are misbehaving? How about we remove those children from the situation and give the other children a chance to learn?"

"P.T. Barnum's famous quote, which applies to a large portion or our electorate today, was: 'There's a sucker born every minute.'"

" ... There are so many things that Covington needs that trails would certainly not make the top 25 list. It is not the time to spend money on such things. Get over it and go ride your bike or walk around the Square and be happy!

"Regarding the 'computer glitch' and the DOT and the unqualified people working in positions causing such errors ... remember Affirmative Action? Balancing the work force has never meant balancing the qualifications - oh, yes, it was supposed to but it didn't work and many different fields are now suffering more than ever."

"I agree with the person complaining about the Spanish channels - if you pay for it, you should be able to watch and enjoy it. In case you forgot, English is the official language of this country ..."

"How great would it be to have one day a month (or more) where the Citizen Poll is all positive? Now that would make for some good reading!"

Editor's note: Sorry, but we've tried it several times over the years. We get only a smattering of responses. I can recall one Thanksgiving at the Rockdale Citizen that we asked people what they were thankful for, and the ones who called said they were thankful they had the right to complain about etc., etc. and went on their merry way complaining. You're welcome to take the high road and call in a positive comment any time.

"I'd like to thank Dr. Brian Conton for taking the time to give us his clear, informed take on health-care reform in his letter in the July 29th issue. His experience makes his opinion on this matter very valuable. 'A few years ago, the state had the brilliant idea of transferring the management of Medicaid to private insurance companies.' 'My administrative costs doubled ... ' 'The time to get paid increased from a week to several months.' Private insurers must deny/curtail as much as they can to make that profit (which is their reason for being). You can go your whole life and never use your car or home insurance; the same is not true of your health insurance. I worry that I'll get ill, bankrupt my husband and then what will he live on after I'm gone (his family lives longer than mine). I think we deserve peace of mind as much as the Europeans. The fear mongers like the status quo. Don't let them get you to work against your own best interests. The invasion of Iraq was good for the oil companies; health-care reform will be good for you."

"Covington City Council, please reconsider your vote to no longer allow permitted users by the Police Department to shoot rodents within the city limits. Perhaps a firearms safety course about when, where and which direction to shoot. Everyone cannot afford a pest control company. Allow the people to vote. My neighborhood is under siege by squirrels. In my case it would help if the utility department would put something around the lines that would hinder or prevent squirrels from using them as a path to my home. Cut back the limbs on trees that run near these lines thus saving or creating jobs."

"Whoever wrote the paragraph about Spanish folks can watch English TV and hear it in Spanish, got me to thinking! He (or she) is absolutely right. Why can't we get the same consideration! Looks like to me if we had the urge to watch Spanish channels, the least the TV stations can do is to give us the same privilege. As the writer says, we have to pay for it!"

"To the person who gave us the Mexican history lesson: when the Spanish 'conquered' what is now Mexico, they forced the Native Americans to learn Spanish; in fact, a common language is necessary not only for a country to maintain cohesiveness, but for the protection of the citizens themselves. The inability to understand the language used in politics and business means that non speakers must rely on translations that may or may not be accurate and leaves them at an overall societal disadvantage. This situation is seen in other countries, and inevitably, those who cannot speak the main language of a country are trapped in the lowest economic strata of society. No one is arguing with the benefits of cultural diversity, but there must be a central language. I agree with the pollster who thinks that English translations should be offered for non-English media, and I cannot understand why anyone would disagree with that idea. By the way, the United States adopted its English-language Constitution in 1787; Mexico did not become an independent country until 1821 and did not have its current Constitution until 1917. Until 1810, Mexico was known as 'New Spain,' not Mexico. So if you want to be historically accurate, Americans were here before Mexicans."

"Interesting that we have several shoplifting stories in Monday's paper. The value of items stolen averaged somewhere around $110. The direct quotes of the thieves provide evidence that they are lacking in proper grammar and are of a lower socioeconomic class. I would suggest that the community look more closely at the Fair Tax as the monthly pre-bate spelled out in HR-25 would allow these 'unfortunate' people to be able to pay for about five times as many of the necessities they have attempted to steal from the Dollar General, Wal-Mart and Kmart."

"Can someone please tell me why Newton County didn't submit a plan to the government for us to get some stimulus money to get all of these four-way stops signalized. When I travel through Rockdale I see where they have the big green signs up letting you know that a certain road is being repaved with stimulus money, and also if our elected officials could get our legislators and senators to move us out of the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Commission and over to the Atlanta Regional Commission, maybe we could get some money to help with our transportation issues because it seems as if the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Commission never allocates anything to Newton County. It all goes to Clarke County, maybe because that's where they are based at."

"It is just so aggravating to hear so many people make ignorant comments in regards to the rich and taxes. The rich do pay taxes, in fact, the top 5 percent of the taxpaying population pays more than the remaining 95 percent. This is not what they are supposed to pay, before all the evasion and cheating you think goes on, but what they pay, as collected by the IRS. Stop complaining about the 'evil rich,' reconsider your wealth envy. When was the last time you worked for a poor person?"

"Everyone call Rep. Jim Marshall's office and ask him three questions. Has he read the health care bill? Will he read every word of the bill before he votes on it? Will congressmen have the same plan the regular people have? Then make up your own mind if you think he is doing a good job or not."

"Has anyone checked to see why we are in such a hurry to buy a railroad during the height of a recession? We are facing giant budget cuts and employee layoffs in the county and our wonderful leaders want to buy a broken-down railroad that is in such bad shape that the state won't allow the train that runs on it to go over 5 mph. Has anyone checked the RR bridges that it travels over on its once-a-day trip to Newborn? It sure would be interesting to see which property owners would profit from this venture. Surely the city is not serious in turning this into a walking track. I wonder if they would allow their spouses or children to take a hike on the trail. This event is really a slap in the face of the county employees that are being asked to give up so much. The county is even taking away holiday pay from the employees, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. By the way, can I drive the engine or ride on the county caboose!"

"Why does Jim Marshall support Nancy Pelosi for speaker?"

"Death Panels! Euthanasia! You'll lose your doctor! Are we buying this nonsense?"

"Here they come again. I thought we would not be troubled with the Hollywood people after 'In the heat of the Night.' I was wrong. They are in Covington again. These people do nothing for the city or the people of Covington. They do not stay in our hotels, they do not eat in our restaurants, they bring their own caterers. They don't use our electricity. They only take and not give ... They use our police cars and other police toys such as the scooters ... They think that the people of Covington are nothing but a bunch of redneck hicks. ... They do not have to pay high union wages like they would in California. ... The inconvenience these movie-makers put on the merchants and the citizens of Covington is not what the majority of the citizens of Covington wants. I hope the mayor and council members know that these people cannot vote. ... I am glad no one died this week and wanted to use Caldwell & Cowan or J.C Harwell, they would have had to get permission from the movie-makers. ... . "

"I would like to say I agree with the people talking about Lanny Barnes. He wasn't too respectful to those people he ran over and killed and he was laughing about it. He got over $400,000 worth of free medical care. I believe that is why he done it to start with. ... "

"I am a concerned parent and a concerned taxpayer and I cannot understand why the first week of school we already have incidents going on the buses for example what was the monitor doing when the child bit this other child? I know they have monitors. I know they have reliable bus drivers. What are the monitors doing, sitting there not watching the children? This needs to be investigated very, very close."