2 teenagers arrested in foiled burglary attempt

COVINGTON - Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies interrupted a burglary on Mountain Lane in southwest Newton County at about 7 p.m. Thursday night, according to an NCSO incident report completed by Deputy Ary Grijalva.

Arrested in connection with the incident was 19-year-old Darrell Lorenzo Welch Jr., of 580 Mountain View Drive, who was charged with burglary, and a 14-year-old juvenile.

According to the incident report, Grijalva said the complainant advised the 911 dispatcher that four males could be seen exiting the residence with items in their hands.

"I parked my patrol vehicle to get a better view of the residence and noticed a window located on the east side of the residence open and the screen had been pulled back," the report states, adding that the deputy was able to see four men leaving the residence - three wearing white T-shirts and dark colored shorts and one in a dark T-shirt and dark jeans.

The report states that one of the suspects spotted the deputy and took off running and the other three followed suit, dropping the items they were carrying from the house, which included a laptop computer and a video camera.

Other deputies converged on the scene and Porterdale K-9 Officer Jason Cripps and his dog were called to track the suspects.

Two suspects were located wearing clothing that matched the description the deputy and witness gave and both suspects were detained for questioning and later arrested.

NCSO spokesman Lt. Mark Mitchell said this was another case where having more deputies in smaller zones proved to be beneficial.

"By readjusting our zones and with the sheriff's implementation of the 12-hour shifts, it puts more people on the road at peak hours and we're able to respond quickly," Mitchell said. "But obviously we wouldn't have known this was going on unless a concerned neighbor to the residence had alerted us."

In other crime news, deputies responded to a burglar alarm at the Maverick convenience store at 12708 U.S. Highway 278 at about 4:45 a.m. Aug. 3, according to a NCSO incident report.

Deputies found a carton of cigarettes on the ground outside the store and evidence that someone had pried open the front door. A further search revealed a gray trash bag full of cigarettes and one black flip-flop sandal on the side of the building.

The report states that deputies found a carton of Winston cigarettes just inside the front door, along with trays of lottery tickets and single boxes of cigarettes all over the store.

The manager's office was ransacked and $126 was missing. The DVD in the store surveillance camera was removed, the report stated.

"The suspect disabled and broke all cameras around the building as well," the report states.

A total of 47 cartons of cigarettes were reported missing by the manager that included $880 worth of Newport cigarettes; $400 worth of Marlboro cigarettes; and $600 worth of Winston cigarettes.

A 17-year-old teen was arrested after he locked his 12-year-old brother out of the house and threatened his mother, according to an NCSO incident report.

The mother stated her younger son called her and told her his brother had locked him out of the house on Hollow Court. When she arrived home, the older son was playing a video game and she asked him why he locked his little brother out of the house. He ignored her, so the mother unplugged the video game, the report states.

Later she saw the 17-year-old in the kitchen rummaging through the knife drawer and when she asked him what he was doing, "he told her he was looking for the sharpest knife in the drawer to hurt her with. ... He then said he was looking for a knife to put to his temple. She told him to calm down and close the drawer and leave the kitchen and if he didn't, she was going to call the police. He told her it would take them a while to get there."

The mother and the 12-year-old left the house and called the NCSO.

When deputies arrived they attempted to talk to the teen, who said "maybe" when they asked if he'd threatened his mother.

"I said well what is wrong with you - are you mad, sad or depressed? He replied, 'I'm hungry,'" the report completed by Deputy Clay Stevens states. "I told him that I had enough evidence to take him to jail (and) then he said, 'You can try to take me to jail.' I asked what he meant by that and he said, 'Try.'"

Tyler Jeffrey Harris, 17, whose address on the incident report is listed as 401 Poppy Lane, Norman, Okla., was arrested without incident and charged with disorderly conduct.