Substitute teacher budget cut
Committee appointed to create new subbing rules

COVINGTON - The use of substitute teachers in the Newton County School System could change this year.

NCSS has appointed a committee to establish guidelines for the use of substitute teachers, according to Sherri Viniard, director of public relations at NCSS.

This comes after NCSS budgeted about $720,000 for substitutes in the general fund budget for the 2009-10 school year, which is about $200,000 less than the previous school year. The budget includes substitutes needed for teacher leave and staff development, according to Viniard.

"The committee will discuss establishing more guidelines for the utilizations of substitutes in consideration of the reduction in the budget for substitutes," she said. "They will review issues surrounding when it is appropriate to pay for a substitute to replace a teacher or make adjustments within the building with existing staff."

She said the committee hasn't held any meetings yet, nor has it developed or implemented any guidelines.

Currently, the school system employs 379 substitutes.

Depending on qualifications, each substitute may make between $55 to $65 per day; long-term certified substitutes may each earn a daily rate of $190.02.

Usually NCSS holds several workshops for incoming substitute teachers, but Viniard said NCSS currently is not accepting applications for substitute teachers.

Changing guidelines regarding the use of substitutes doesn't require approval from the Newton County Board of Education, as it is an administrative function, Viniard said. The school board members did unanimously approve the final 2009-10 school year budget, which included a budget for substitute teachers, during its June monthly meeting.

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