CPD: Woman lied about being robbed

COVINGTON - A woman who told police a detailed account of how she was robbed early one morning on Washington Street has confessed that she fabricated the report, according to the Covington Police Department.

Beverly Newman, 58, of Allen Mobile Home Park on Washington Street, was arrested at her home Friday afternoon, according to Sgt. Mike Tinsley, and charged with making a false police report.

Tinsley said it was unclear why the suspect made up the incident.

"She's the type that will tell more lies to cover up the reason for telling the initial lie," he said.

Tinsley said it became clear early in the investigation that Newman's story didn't add up. She reported to police that she had purchased some food and cashed a check at the Chevron station at the corner of Washington and Emory streets shortly after midnight July 29. She said she saw three black men standing beside a car at the Chevron as she left the store and began walking west on Washington Street. Newman reported to police that she noticed the vehicle occupied by the same three black men appeared to be following her. She further said the three black men blocked her path with the car, got out, pushed her to the ground and robbed her of $118 and the groceries she was carrying. She claimed she was able to hold on to a $100 bill, however, and she gave descriptions of all three "suspects."

Tinsley said he questioned the manager of the Chevron the day after the incident and learned that the store had closed at 10 p.m. on the day Newman claimed she was robbed. In addition, he said the manager told him he had cashed only two checks that day, and both were for men.

Tinsley said he spoke with Newman at the Newton County Detention Center three days after she made the report and she ultimately admitted that she had lied about the robbery. She was at the jail on unrelated charges, he said.

"The initial (news) story that was written was what the report said," Tinsley said, "but I'm sure it caused a little bit of alarm for some people thinking that there is somebody out there throwing down women in the street and robbing them."