Larsen Letter - 08/05/09

I am taking this way to say a public "thank you" to some very hard-working, but probably overlooked, people. Our neighborhood, just five blocks from the Covington Square, has a terrible problem with feral cats. We have recently been in touch with someone to correct this problem. From Mr. John Middleton, deputy chair of the Board of Commissioners, and his secretary, to Ms. Terry Key-Hoosan, director of Animal Control, her (most likely over-worked and under-paid) staff, and especially Animal Control Officer Kerrick, we have received professional, prompt and courteous service. These people all deserve a huge thank you and, at the very least, a pat on the back for the service they provide for us, the citizens of Newton County.

We are getting a handle on this cat problem, although we have a ways to go yet. Again, thank you all for a job well done!

Ginny Larsen