Man dies of beating
One suspect turns himself in

COVINGTON - A Newton County man died Sunday after he was allegedly lured outside home and beaten to death, according to information given to Fox 5 News by the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Roland Wilson Jr., 23, of 2914 Chesterfield Way, Conyers, is charged with murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in connection with the incident.

Dead is William Okafor, a 21-year-old father of two small children who lived on Faircliff Drive off Fairview Road in western Newton County.

According to information NCSO Lt. Tyrone Oliver gave Fox 5 News, four men jumped Okafor as family members watched. Okafor is said to have been struck with a brick and died of massive head injuries. Wilson is believed to have "dealt the fatal blow" to Okafor, Fox 5 reported.

Wilson turned himself in to the Newton County Sheriff's Office, but the three other suspects are still at large.

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