On the beat: Woman suspects tenant stole cars, TVs, fridge

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

What were you thinking?

A woman called the Covington Police to report that her home had been burglarized and her two vehicles stolen. She told police she had a suspect in mind - it was probably the man her boyfriend had met while in jail and who asked her to let him stay with her and split the rent and bills when he got out. She went out of town, leaving the stranger in her home. When she returned, jewelry, TVs, a refrigerator, heaters, as well as the vehicles were missing.

Ain't love grand

A man and a woman picked up a refrigerator, placing it in the back of the family truck. The woman drove home, but her husband was allegedly displeased with the way she drove "because she had almost struck several mailboxes on the way," according to the CPD incident report. Once home, the argument escalated, finally driving the woman to retrieve a shirt she had recently purchased for her husband as a gift and burn it up. At that point, he shoved her against the wall and she told the police he had also "flipped her on top of her head a few times." It didn't slow her down, however, because she allegedly tried to burn more of the man's belongings until police arrived and intervened. The police noticed the screen was out of the door and a beer bottle was on the floor. The man admitted he had tried to hit his wife with the bottle, missed and damaged the screen. The man went to jail.

· A man notified the NCSO that a woman who had resided with him for the past 16 years and was the mother of his three children had stolen some property from him while he was in jail. Taken was a 13-inch TV valued at $20; a DVD player valued at $40; and three ferrets and a cage valued at $250.

Mechanical failure

A woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report a theft. When deputies arrived she told them an ATM machine at the Salem Road Kroger store didn't disperse all the cash she'd asked for. No charges were brought against the machine.

Off the beaten path

A man called the NCSO to report he had arrived home and found the siding on his home, a window shutter and a folding chair on his porch had been mysteriously damaged. Also, the man said when he went inside, a picture that was hanging on the wall had fallen to the floor and broken. The deputy did a little detective work and deduced that a motorcycle had left the road, traveled through the front yard, up onto the porch, striking the folding chair and the front of the house. The impact knocked the picture from the wall. He knew all this because there were skid marks on the wall of the house, plainly showing the path of travel.

Headin' to the lake

Everybody enjoys getting out to the old fishing hole this time of the year and relaxing while waiting for the fish to bite - even thieves. A man reported to the NCSO that someone had stolen his $1,000 fish finder, his fishing pole valued at $100, and fishing rod valued at $700.

· A man reported to the NCSO that someone had backed up a truck to his $500 trailer and driven off with a $3,000 jet ski.

Maybe too much

A woman admitted to a Covington Police officer that she may have been drinking a bit too much and "shouldn't have been driving on Memorial Drive." The officer had stopped her at the Covington exit on Interstate 20. He asked her before her field sobriety test if she had been drinking, to which she replied, "Sir, yes sir, at Dugan's in Lithonia." The officer demonstrated how to walk heel-to-toe for the test and the woman said she thought she could do it if he would let her hold onto him. The officer declined and she didn't fare too well. He next asked her to do the one-legged stand and she asked for more help. "Lord, help me," she implored. Too late. She blew a .21 on the breathalyzer.

Just following orders

CPD officers were summoned to a private probation office regarding a drunk probationer who was refusing to take a breath test. The man told the officer he wasn't taking the test because he was on probation for disorderly conduct and not on an alcohol charge. Besides, he said, the judge told him he could get drunk. Paperwork was produced that showed the man was confused about what the judge had said. He was arrested on another disorderly conduct charge and this time he was also charged with public drunkenness.

Dog gone

A woman reported that a friend of hers picked up her Cane Corso dog from her parents' home. He was to keep the dog until she could make other arrangements. She said she advised the man she had sold the dog and was coming to pick it up, but he told her that the dog was dead and an area veterinary clinic had the body. She called the clinic and they said they didn't know what she was talking about. She confronted the man and he told her the dog had bitten a child and animal control had confiscated the dog. She called animal control and they told her they didn't know what she was talking about. The man next told her not to worry about it, he was going to pay her $2,500 for the dog. She reported the dog stolen.