Przybyszewski Letter - 04/17/09

Limbaugh defends conservative principles

I have in front of me today's (April 5) Rockdale Citizen anti-First Amendment cartoon, the second panel of which depicts Rush in front of his microphone and asks: "If no one pays attention to Rush Limbaugh, will he go away ... ?" I have scanned the cartoon very carefully to find the name of the cartoonist, but none was obvious. So either the creator of this piece of trash was too cowardly to sign a name, or else it originated from someone on the Citizen staff who possesses the same personal characteristic.

I say anti-First Amendment because it's more than obvious the cartoonist would like to silence Rush and his passion (not, I will argue, anger) to speak and defend the conservative principles that made this country the greatest on the face of the planet in preserving individual freedom and liberty! Name for me one other country in the world, just one, that has done so. Not only here on our shores, but around the globe.

My response to the question (" ... will he go away ... ?") is this: Ask the over 20 million of his weekly audience if they want him to go away. Ask the dozens of companies who sponsor his program if they want him to go away. Shall I answer, or is it too painfully clear what that answer would be?

Vince Przybyszewski



Editor's note: The cartoon referenced above was drawn by Scrawls, who said he simply forgot to put his signature on the cartoon. He asked that we make a note of his omission here.