Snapping Shoals EMC celebrates Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Snapping Shoals EMC is raising awareness about the importance of nourishing a clean, sustainable environment by providing area elementary schools with trees for planting. Snapping Shoals EMC received its trees from Green Power EMC, a partnership of electric membership corporations in Georgia formed to facilitate the procurement of renewable energy sources for its members.

Planting trees encompasses the spirit of Earth Day, as it is a day for actions that enhance the environment and trees naturally help improve air quality, conserve water and save energy, according to the EMC.

Green Power EMC utilizes "green" resources such as biomass, solar, wind and water to generate electricity. The nonprofit corporation was the first in Georgia to invite EMC consumers to choose how some of their electricity is produced. Since its inception, Green Power EMC has generated over 141,094,091 kilowatt-hours of green energy, providing the same environmental benefits as taking 140,017 cars off Georgia's roads or planting 199,524 acres in trees. For more information on Green Power EMC, visit www.greenpoweremc.org.

While Earth Day is a time to act by turning off a light, joining a carpool, cleaning a park or planting a tree, caring for the environment is a year-round responsibility, according to the EMC. Snapping Shoals EMC offers a range of conservation advice at www.ssemc.com.