Armed man invades home, takes jacket

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Now that's cold

A man reported to the CPD that someone he knew came into his house, pointed a gun at him and took his jacket. The only explanation he had for his acquaintance's behavior was that he "must be high on drugs."

Framing granny

A woman drove her car into the median wall on Interstate 20 eastbound and then crossed all three lanes of traffic before coming to a stop against the guard rail, according to the CPD. Her 93-year-old grandmother was a passenger in the vehicle. When police arrived at the scene, they determined the woman to be under the influence of either drugs, alcohol or both. She was taken to jail, but the grandmother was sent to the hospital as she complained of chest pains.

A search of the vehicle uncovered a small amount of marijuana and the woman was taken to jail. However, the hospital contacted the officers who investigated the crash a little later and told them to come to the hospital. The hospital employees had found among the grandmother's possessions what officers described as "a large bag" of suspected marijuana, weighing 2 ounces.

Not believing for a minute that the marijuana belonged to the grandmother, officers charged her granddaughter with DUI and felony possession of marijuana.

Service with a smile

An NCSO deputy observed a Ford 500 run a stop sign and stopped the driver. When the deputy asked for his driver's license, the man said, 'You know, that's where I was going - over to my girlfriend's house to pick up my driver's license.' He didn't factor in, however, that the deputy could check on his computer and find out about his driving status. Turns out his license had been suspended since 2008, he had no insurance and had an outstanding warrant against him. He was arrested, but asked if his mother could come pick up his car rather than having it towed. The deputy agreed, but the man couldn't remember his mother's phone number. As a courtesy, another deputy went to the woman's house and notified her to come get the vehicle.

Just meanness

The manager at the Holiday Inn on the Access Road notified the CPD that someone had shot a hole in one of the hotel's air conditioners. What could have been a bullet fragment was taken into evidence.

· A man complained to the NCSO that someone had stolen eight manhole covers from a Newton County street.

· A resident called the NCSO and told them a person was making dogs fight.

Construction hazard

A woman called the NCSO and told them a construction barrel entered her path of travel and it struck her vehicle. She got out in the dark to see what kind of damage was done and discovered her "Jesus tag" was broken. When daylight came, she found that her bumper was cracked as well.

Happy New Year!

A man called the NCSO in late February to report that someone had fired a bullet through his bedroom wall. He said he believed it happened on New Year's day.

Serious bowling

An NCSO deputy was dispatched to exit 93 on Interstate 20 when someone called to say two men were outside of Ford pickup and were fighting. The driver explained that he and his friend had been at the bowling alley in Conyers where the friend had too much to drink. On the way home, he took his shirt off and wanted to fight with him. The drunken fighter went to jail.

Plastic woes

A woman gave her friend's neighbor a ride to a convenience store. Somewhere en route, her credit card was apparently stolen by her friend's neighbor. She discovered the theft only a few hours later, but in that short time, the thief, who needed a ride in the first place, was able to get to six different locations and use the credit card, charging up a grand total of $90.18.

· A woman told the CPD that she gave a woman she knew only by her first name her debit card so she could take $100 out of her bank account. Three hours later the woman returned and gave her the card back. But would you believe that when she checked her bank account the next day, she discovered the card had been used multiple times and the woman had taken more than $1,220.35?

It's not fair

A man called the NCSO to report that someone had stolen his car while he was in jail.

Car trouble

A woman reported to the NCSO two weeks previously she loaned her boyfriend's car to another friend who had failed to return it. The deputy told her she'd have to swear out a warrant because she had voluntarily given him the car.

Viva la vino!

A woman was stopped by a CPD officer after he observed her driving erratically and he asked if she'd had anything to drink that evening. She told him, "I drank a bunch at home and four glasses of wine at the bar at The Depot." She blew a reading of twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system and was arrested.

Inside her purse was found an open bottle of Sutter Home white zinfandel wine and an empty packet of ephedrine tablets.