9 selected for honors program
NCSS students picked by state for Governor's Honors

COVINGTON - The Georgia Department of Education announced last week that it invited nine students from the Newton County School System to participate in this year's 46th annual Governor's Honors Program.

"We are so proud of these students and their accomplishments," said Dr. Kathy Reese, director of High School Curriculum at NCSS, in a press release. "We thank the teachers of these students as well as their parents for their support."

Five students from NCSS attended the state-funded summer program in 2008.

"The Governor's Honors Program becomes more competitive each year," Reese said. "Our students have once again met the challenges and excelled in their areas of giftedness."

This year, just more than 2,600 students in Georgia's public and private schools were nominated by their teachers for the Governor's Honors Program, according to Cary Brague, associate director of the program.

After a state committee sent a select number of students to the DOE for a round of interviews, tests and auditions, if needed, it selected 690 for this summer's program, which is scheduled for June 14 through July 25 at Valdosta State University.

Newton County School System's chosen finalists include Alcovy High School's Johathan Betancourt (mathematics major) and Zach Elliott (social studies); Eastside High School's Evanne Davis (communicative arts), Alayah Glenn (Latin), Hillary Hardison (visual arts), Ralston Medouze (Latin) and Gurinder Sunner (Latin); and Newton High School's Renee Horne (communicative arts) and Brooke Wilson (social studies).

During this summer's program, students will take enrichment classes in their areas of concentration, attend seminars and hear from special guests, among other activities.

"Over the course of six weeks, we'll have instructional guests that appear," Brague said. "And a number of GHP alums who have gone out and done great things professionally will bring those things back to the program to share with the current students."

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SideBar: At a glance

2009 Governor's Honors Program Finalists and Majors

School - Student - Subject Area

· Alcovy High - Jonathan Betancourt - Mathematics

· Alcovy High - Zach Elliott - Social Studies

· Eastside High - Evanne Davis - Communicative Arts

· Eastside High - Alayah Glenn - Latin

· Eastside High - Hillary Hardison - Visual Arts

· Eastside High - Ralston Medouze - Latin

· Eastside High - Gurinder Sunner - Latin

· Newton High - Renee Horne - Communicative Arts

· Newton High - Brooke Wilson - Social Studies

Source: Newton County School System