Slow your roll
New speed signs put Porterdale on the radar

PORTERDALE - It took just over a year, but City Council member Robert Foxworth saw one of his goals achieved last week with the installation of two radar signs on Main Street. The signs flash the speed of oncoming vehicles to let drivers know when to slow down.

Foxworth, who also serves as mayor pro tem, said progress in the town has made it necessary to remind motorists that pedestrians are in the area.

"Over the past couple of years the new businesses have caused growing foot traffic along Main Street and a need for motorists to slow down and watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalks," Foxworth said in a press release.

The City Council approved the two radar signs in February 2008, and Foxworth has worked on the project since then, first getting approval from the state Department of Transportation. He also got DOT approval to reduce the speed limit in the downtown area from 35 mph to 25 mph.

The city contracted with engineer Marty Boyd of Carter and Sloope for the engineering work and with Gary Moseley of Moseley Electric in Covington for the installation. The project was funded by the town's special purpose local option sales tax for roadway improvements at a total cost of just over $8,000.

According to the city, the signs are designed to make motorists more aware of their speed to create a safer environment for pedestrians and are not designed for enforcement purposes.

For more information, call City Manager Tom Fox at 770-786-8046.