Man arrested after neighbor complains about parked car

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

It's happened again

A woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office and told them a vehicle she'd never seen before had been parked in front of her residence for several days. The deputy ran the tag and it came back that the tag had been stolen out of Atlanta. The gold Cadillac was actually parked between the woman's residence and the one next door, so the deputy went next door to inquire about the vehicle. The man who answered the door said he didn't know anything about the car, but asked if it was going to be towed. After a few minutes of conversation, the man reluctantly admitted the car was his, but told the deputies the tag wasn't his. "That's not the first time somebody put a stolen tag on my car," he told them, although they hadn't informed him the tag was stolen. He was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property.

Was that you, honey?

A man who said he returned home from a court hearing on his divorce saw his wife leaving his house. He checked his Lexus and observed a dent and white residue on the passenger door and scratches on the hood. He told Conyers Police Officers that his wife had worn white tennis shoes to the court hearing.

· A man called the NCSO in March to say that his wife was physically attacked by another man and she had to fight to get him off her. He said the incident had occurred last August in Rockdale County. The wife refused to talk to deputies. Her husband admitted that they were having marital problems and she wanted a divorce.

Costly accident

Covington Police officers were dispatched to the Citgo gas station on U.S. Highway 278 after an Alabama man drove off with the gas pump nozzle still in his tank. Approximately 30 to 40 gallons of gasoline were spilled before the pump's emergency shut-off was activated. The driver had already left, but told the station owner he'd pay for damages, which the owner estimated could be between $3,000 and $20,000.


Two women were caught at CVS drug store on U.S. 278 and turned over to the CPD as they were attempting to take an item off the shelf and return it for cash as if they'd purchased it. One of the women was in a wheelchair.

· A man was observed walking around Radio Shack and acting in a suspicious manner. An employee who saw him placing something in his pants and then leave the store searched around to find what was missing. He determined that a display model of a race scanner valued at $129.99 was gone. The only problem for the man who took it is that it was a non-working model.

· A man was arrested by the NCSO at Kroger on Salem Road for stealing what he apparently planned to have for breakfast and dinner. He took two $5 packages of Hormel bacon and two Weight Watcher's TV dinners.

· A man was caught on surveillance video at Wal-Mart stealing a camera and other electronic items. When store security personnel asked him to come with them to the store's office, they discovered a pair of pants he had stuffed into his clothing, as well. Once CPD officers arrived, the man told them to check in his car and they'd find a few other items he'd taken. The car contained two GPS units, two laptop computers, four Sony PSPs, four digital cameras, two battery chargers and 23 miscellaneous cords and chargers.

· A woman was caught at Food Depot trying to steal some meat. She paid for two packages of toilet tissue and a bag of potato chips, but was attempting to exit the store with $50 worth of pork chops in her purse.

Like an avalanche

During the snowstorm at the beginning of March, a woman called the NCSO and said she was traveling on Ga. Highway 36 when a truck passed her and a large piece of ice came off the top of the truck and "fluttered" directly into her path of travel, striking her vehicle and splitting the front bumper straight through. The ice was still at the scene, the deputy reported.