Two men wanted for eluding officers

COVINGTON - The Newton County Sheriff's Office is searching for the two that got away.

According to an incident report completed by Deputy Michael Lewis, he spotted a couple walking in the area of Brown Bridge and Woodlawn roads about 2 a.m. Sept. 10, and he stopped to find out why they were out on foot at that time of night.

The two said they had no identification with them, but the man told the deputy his name was Natravis Height and gave a birth date of 1977. The deputy radioed the information in and while waiting to see if there were outstanding warrants on either Height or his female companion, the deputy asked Height if he could search him for contraband.

The deputy located a wallet, and when he began to look inside it, the man called Height snatched it from his hand and took off on foot.

The deputy chased after him and was twice able to get close enough to him to fire his Taser, but both times it was ineffective. The deputy said the failure of the Taser to connect was probably due to a large shirt the suspect was wearing.

However, as the foot chase progressed, the suspect became entangled in a swing set located in a back yard. The deputy was able to grab him, but during the struggle, the suspect took the Taser gun from the deputy and tried to shoot him with it. The deputy said he was able to prevent this, even though the suspect had him pinned to the ground.

The suspect ran once more and was able to get into some woods and disappear.

Another deputy arrived on the scene. From the description that had been given of the suspect, he was able to retrieve a photo of a suspect that has a prior record with the NCSO. The deputy identified the photo as the man who said he was Height and it was ascertained that he is actually Curtis Ishmael Hardy, 23, of 10920 Covington Bypass.

He is wanted on charges of felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer, battery and loitering and prowling.

Deputy Steven Ledford chased a suspect in southeastern Newton County who fled in his automobile, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph, after he failed to stop for the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.

According to an incident report completed by Ledford, Jamel Quinterio Pitts, 22, of 204 Country Creek Road, Newborn, was being pursued by Jasper County up Ga. Highway 142. Ledford intercepted him near the Pony Express service station when he went through a stop sign.

Pitts entered Ga. Highway 11 in the direction of Mansfield and reached speeds up to 115 mph. He turned off Ga. Highway 11, taking a circuitous route along Carmel Church Road, Sewell Road, County Road 213 and Pine Street before entering Ga. Highway 11 once more. Ledford's incident report states that Pitts committed multiple traffic violations, including knocking down at least one mailbox, as he took this detour.

Once back onto Ga. Highway 11, Pitts was able to get his vehicle moving at 120 mph, and at that point he turned his headlights off for about two miles, the report stated.

He took another detour along Spears Lane and Gaithers Road, slowing down to drive 55 to 60 mph, but once he was back onto County Road 213, he sped back up to 120 mph, slowing down to 100 mph as he entered Mansfield, according to Ledford.

Turning off County Road 213, Pitts turned onto Hilltop Drive and then Valley Drive, where he jumped from the car and was able to elude deputies.

It turned out that he had three passengers with him. They were taken into custody by the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.

Pitts was identified by mail found in his vehicle and a Bible with his name in it. Ledford was able to identify Pitts from a previous mug shot.

Warrants were issued for him for felony fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer, striking a fixed object and leaving the scene of an accident.

The NCSO is asking anyone with information on the two to call the anonymous tip line at 678-625-5007 or go to their Web site at www.newtonsheriffga.org and click on "anonymous tip line." Those who want a response from NCSO personnel should leave contact information.

In other news, the NCSO is seeking two suspects who were seen attempting to steal a 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo from Dinah Circle about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

According to an NCSO incident report, a homeowner was awakened by the sound of a car running outside his bedroom window and when he looked outside, he saw two black men getting out of his son's vehicle.

The homeowner said he ran outside and yelled at the two, who took off running, but one of them turned and shot at him with what he said sounded like a small-caliber weapon.

The two were both said to be wearing black hoodies and dark-colored cargo pants. One was about 6 feet tall and the second was about 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

Anyone with information on either of these two is asked to contact the NCSO, as well.

Barbara Knowles can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.