9-19-2008 Police Blotter

The following charges and arrests were reported by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office (RCSO), Conyers Police Department (CPD) and Georgia State Patrol (GSP) between Sept. 8 and Monday:

· Pedro Najera Martinez, 28, 522 Castle Drive, DUI, improper lane or lane change, operation of unregistered vehicle, theft by receiving stolen property, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Rogelio Martinez, 17, 522 Castle Drive, consumption by a minor. (CPD)

· Rodney Bernard Ferrell, 43, 5545 Middle Grove Road, Lithonia, contempt of court. (RCSO)

· Timothy Adam Hamby, 34, 140 Berkshire Keep, Covington, theft by taking.

· David Lewis Hunt, 30, 270 Laurel Way, Covington, probation violation, contempt of court. (RCSO)

· Tykisha Kawanda Kennedy, 18, 35 Summer Way Court, Covington, probation violation. (CPD)

· Von Phillip Hubbard, 43, 3008 Brians Way, contempt of court. (RCSO)

· Virginia Schramm, 46, 1441 Oak Forest Drive, bond surrender. (RCSO)

· Steve Melvin White Jr., 26, 2150 Singer Way, Lithonia, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, burglary, theft by deception, battery, cruelty to children, theft by taking. (RCSO)

· Kristina Lea Williams, 27, 130 Little River Trail, Eatonton, failure to appear, bond surrender. (RCSO)

· Terraye Eugene Thomas, 20, 65 Adelaide Road, Covington, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· Robert Paul Jordan, 47, 60 Blue Jay Drive, Covington, probation violation. (CPD)

· Harriet S. Hixson, 41, 158 Jackson Way, Decatur, theft by taking. (RCSO)

· Joseph Anthony Perkins, 33, 813 Brooke Hollow Circle, parole violation. (Pardon and Parole)

· Leita Amber Whitaker, 29, 5112 Old Ga. Highway 138, Loganville, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Frankie Calvin Talley, 35, 681 Flint River Road, Riverdale, DUI, no license on person, improper headlights, open container violation. (RCSO)

· Richard Jonathan Floyd, 53, 102 Highland Point Circle, Dawsonville, DUI, open container violation, failure to yield right of way. (RCSO)

· Phillipe Dejesus Williams, 30, 1457 St. Dunstan Road, Lithonia, probation violation. (CPD)

· Jose Angel Santos Jr., 35, 425 Spring Lake Terrace, Covington, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Sewonya Rochelle Usher, 38, 2989 Bond Lake Road, driving while license suspended or revoked, probation violation. (CPD)

· Jonha Jerome Bennett, 37, 1914 Cornerstone Pass, bench warrant. (RCSO)

· James Howard Thomas, 19, 3721 Riverside Parkway, Decatur, possession, manufacture, sale or purchase of marijuana. (CPD)

· Edson Paul Francis, 17, Cedar Creek Court, disorderly conduct. (CPD)

· Nathaniel Lankford, 42, 1182 Irwin Bridge Road, battery, probation violation. (RCSO)

· James Herschel Jackson, 30, 1101 Cook Road, Oxford, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Brenda Medley Womack, 42, 1049 Meadowbrook Lane, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Jonathan David English, 23, 689 Almand Branch Road, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Pendall Carroll, 42, 870 Main St., Stone Mountain, theft by conversion of leased or rented personal property. (RCSO)

· Richard James McCormick, 48, 12 Fahm St., Savannah, forgery. (CPD)

· Ryan Oneil Cameron, 17, 1016 Winding Wood Trail, criminal damage to property. (CPD)

· Danny James McClemore, 18, 1933 Lake Court, criminal trespass. (RCSO)

· William Henry Johnson, 54, 1670 Almand Creek Drive, DUI, improper lane or lane change, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Christopher Robert Hendricks, 36, 11913 Shades Creek Drive, Cottondale, Ala., driving while license suspended or revoked, unregistered or expired tag. (RCSO)

· Wayne Warren Stephenson, 39, 100 W. Miami Ave., Logans Port, Ind., probation revocation. (RCSO)

· Derrick Anthony Price, 18, 2326 Benji Blvd., theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Justin Edwin Deportage, 19, 1720 Northolt Court, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Douglas O'Neal Shaw Jr., 23, 689 Almand Branch Road, battery. (RCSO)

· Santana Micole Baker, 22, 1470 Rena Court, being a party to a crime. (RCSO)

· Michael Shane Pierce, 21, 951 Finch Road, Covington, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Michelle Lynn Payne, 37, 2635 Twin Oaks Drive, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Shukree Ameen Simmons, 30, 105 Alex Bailey Court, Macon, criminal trespass. (RCSO)

· Parish, Noah Andrew, 21, 2940 Camary Place Drive, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. (RCSO)

· Eric Michael Page, 38, 813 Cambridge Creek Drive, cracked windshield, DUI, driving without taillights, no address change within 30 days, traffic signal violation. (RCSO)

· Jerrica Lashawn Sharkey, 31, 5302 Fairington Road, Lithonia, probation violation. (CPD)

· Terence Dion Gardner, 30, 50 Dogwood Drive, Covington, probation violation. (CPD)

· Natalie Suzane Oliver, 19, 2227 Hi Roc Road, underage consumption, purchase or possession of alcohol, interfering with emergency call for help, battery. (RCSO)

· Chelsea Mariah Knight, 17, 6433 Valley Brook Drive, Riverdale, party to a crime of forgery. (CPD)

· Tracie Latrice Smith, 30, 155 Creek Way, Covington, simple battery. (CPD)

· Curtis Brian Hernadez, 36, 1262 Corn Wall Road, Decatur, disorderly conduct. (CPD)

· Brian Ellington Fields, 22, 1016 Howell Mill Road, Apt. 3509, Atlanta, bond surrender. (RCSO)

· Clarence Naylon Smith, 35, 208 Siesta Key Court, Locust Grove, disorderly conduct. (CPD)

· Caryn Rae Hansen, 38, 2192 Lost Forest Lane, contempt of court. (RCSO)

· Mea Denise Chenault, 32, 1504 Treelodge Parkway, Atlanta, deposit account fraud/bad checks. (RCSO)

· Reginald Cornelius West, 41, 1520 Hidden Hills Parkway, Stone Mountain, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Riann Tennille Middlebrooks, 23, 820 Stanvill Road, Covington, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· Daniel Cruz-Osorio, 27, 1038 Chestnut Oak Court, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, traffic signal violation. (RCSO)

· Kevin Lamont Woodruff, 35, 80 E. Lawn Drive, Covington, probation violation. (GSP)

· Taurus McKee Baker, 27, 1193 Lark Lane, probation violation, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. (CPD)

· Muhammad Asaad, 19, 3581 Hunters Pace, Lithonia, probation violation. (CPD)

· Danielle Rae Kirby, 26, 60 Paces Landing, Covington, probation violation. (CPD)

· Steven Christopher Sanders, 34, 865 Smyrna Road, simple battery. (RCSO)

· Jamie Elizabeth Cuellar, 23, 2094 Napoli Circle, theft by receiving stolen property, expired license. (RCSO)

· Christopher Fullilove, 23, 604 Free Crest Parkway, Decatur, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. (RCSO)

· Earnest Brewer Jr., 51, 605 S.E. Camary Court, DUI-drugs, no brake lights or working turn signals, impeding traffic, improper lane or lane change, probation violation. (CPD)

· Ignacio Rivera Lara, 17, 509 Erwin Road, Dunn, N.C., theft by receiving stolen property. (RCSO)

· Hegel Rivera-Guzman, 39, 55 Whispering Pines Drive, Clinton, N.C., theft by receiving stolen property in another state, theft by bringing stolen property into state. (RCSO)

· Jennifer Sue Osborn, 41, 242 Deer Run Circle, Newborn, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Jonathan Bart Lee, 20, 345 Old South River Road, Jackson, harassing phone calls. (RCSO)

· Kimberly Lashone Evans, 40, 173602 Rosebud Parkway Drive, Snellville, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· William Wilfredo Ayala, 25, 5012 Five Oaks Way, Tucker, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Antonio Estrada-Pimentel, 26, 87 Landole Drive, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. (RCSO)

· Derek Yaphette Barrion, 28, 3581 Embry Circle, Chamblee, probation violation. (CPD)

· Christopher Michael Moore, 31, 250 Creek Stone Court, Covington, DUI, open container violation, improper lane or lane change. (RCSO)

· Ryan Christian Lloyd, 26, 10 Summer Breeze Court, Covington, DUI, traffic signal violation, improper lane or lane change, windshield or front door tint violation. (CPD)

· Jeremiah Carl Jones, 21, 939 Green St., Apt. 6, probation violation. (CPD)

· Jared Markus Nunn, 24, 556 Lakeridge Drive, driving without taillights, DUI. (RCSO)

· Correy Lamont Jernigan, 31, 2433 Black Forest Drive, cruelty to children, battery. (RCSO)

· Dwayne Edward Smith, 27, 1125 Northlake Drive, probation violation. (CPD)

· Nicholas Vincent Spampinato, 25, 3960 Cumberland Trail, robbery, battery. (RCSO)

· Michael Ryan Williams, 22, 5131 Brentwood Lane, person in the state wanted in another. (RCSO)

· Donna Marylynn Elliott, 42, 1117 McCord Corner, simple battery. (RCSO)

· Jason Deshaun Robinson, 21, 1066 Alford Road, Lithonia, parole violation. (Pardon and Parole)

· San Juana Castillo, 18, 2554 Abbott Lake Drive, Conyers, failure to register title change, no proof of insurance, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, acquiring license plate for purpose of concealment. (RCSO)

· Dustin Kyle Johnson, 25, 139 N. Main St., Watkinsville, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Brandy Lynn Simmons, 27, 3828 Ga. Highway 20, theft by deception. (CPD)

· Charles Theodore Walker Jr., 27, 101 Harvest Grove Lane, probation violation. (CPD)

· Phyllis Lagene Reid, 45, 1958 Brandywoods Drive, deposit account fraud/bad checks. (RCSO)

· Gemorris Deandre Oglesby, 26, 1626 Cherry Hill Lane, probation violation. (CPD)

· Neko Pierre Lawrence, 20, 1480 Pine Log Road, Apt. C, affray. (CPD)

· Robert James Maddox, 40, 500 East St., Eatonton, affray. (CPD)

· Jorge Sanchez Portillo, 34, 2240 Bethel Road, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license. speeding. (RCSO)

· Bennie Wallace Parham, 56, 5403 Ga. Highway 138 S.W., Oxford, driving while license suspended or revoked, no proof of insurance, operation of unregistered vehicle. (RCSO)

· Jonathan Clark Harrison, 18, 644 Clubland Circle, consumption by a minor. (CPD)

· Kayleigh Elaine Dahman, 17, 100 Berkshire Lane, Covington, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, driving without headlights at night. (RCSO)

· Jhantell latese Pilton, 18, 90 Common Drive, simple battery, criminal trespass, obstruction of law enforcement officers. (CPD)

· Jackson Diazperez, 46, 1918 Heritage Place, affray. (RCSO)

· Adran Rashaud Frazier, 21, 546 Martha St., Screven, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Richard Eugene Chunn III, 43, 6840 Mahonia Place, Lithonia, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Kelton Eugene Hamm, 34, 2089 Granade Road, DUI, traffic signal violation. (RCSO)

· Elrem Zimbalist Bloom, 19, 90 Trelawnay Drive, Covington, defective equipment, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Amzi James Weaver, 38, 1917 Heritage Place, affray. (RCSO)

· Kayla Paige Hammons, 22, 895 Rosser St., DUI, following too closely. (CPD)

· Robert Thornton Jr., 49, 50 Gumtree Court, Covington, probation violation, DUI, driving while license suspended or revoked, no brake lights or working turn signals. (CPD)

· Antonio Marquez Castro, 30, 1315 Milcrest Walk, DUI, no proof of insurance, altered or improperly transferred tag, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, improper lane or lane change. (RCSO)

· Steven Thomas Roland Jr., 24, 1326 Milstead Ave., driving while license suspended or revoked, no insurance. (RCSO)

· Victor Deron Chisom, 31, 5040 Mixon Place, Stone Mountain, driving without license, traffic signal violation, driving while registration revoked or suspended. (RCSO)

· Jamieson Dennard Moore, 27, 1453 Cobb Branch Drive, Decatur, theft by taking. (RCSO)

· Rivas Celestino Vera, 39, homeless, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, loitering and prowling. (CPD)

· Randy Joe Howard, 55, 1986 River St., simple battery, obstruction or hindering of a person making an emergency phone call. (RCSO)

· Eloise Pledger, 55, 1526 Brandon Glen Way, deposit account fraud/bad checks. (CPD)

· Shalesia Ann Montgomery, 36, 2138 Fieldstone View Lane, battery. (RCSO)

· Robert Scott Hadaway, 23, 350 Cambridge Way, Covington, speeding, open container violation, DUI. (CPD)

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