Oxford approves traffic ordinance

OXFORD - During its monthly meeting, the Oxford City Council approved a revision to its traffic control ordinance that could limit traffic on side roads.

The ordinance restricts vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds from using many city streets other than Ga. Highway 81/Emory Street unless they have a purpose, such as deliveries.

Also, "if you live in Oxford and are going home, it doesn't apply to you," Mayor Jerry Roseberry said.

Previously, the city traffic control ordinance had allowed such vehicles on East Richardson Street and East Soule Street, but the mayor and council decided to limit such vehicles without a purpose after residents called the city complaining of large construction trucks and school buses cutting through to bypass traffic on Ga. Highway 81.

"I know traffic gets heavy, but they cannot do that," Roseberry said when the council first read the ordinance revision during its August meeting.

During its September meeting, the council had the second reading of the revised ordinance and unanimously approved it.

Roseberry said many of Oxford's side roads are narrow and that unnecessary heavy loads could cause the roads to deteriorate faster than they already do with normal traffic.

Vehicles over the weight limit are allowed to travel on city streets if they have a delivery to make, but those without paperwork or other proof could receive a warning or citation from a city police officer if they are caught, Roseberry said.

He advised residents who see any unauthorized vehicles on city side streets to get a good description of the vehicle and report it to City Hall.

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