CPD: Man barricades himself in home

COVINGTON - A Covington man barricaded himself in his home for several hours Saturday night after reportedly attempting suicide with a gun, according to the Covington Police Department.

Officers were initially called Saturday evening to the Capes Drive address in reference to a reported burglary. CPD Officer A. Folden reported that the resident of the home claimed that five or six men removed the window air conditioning unit and entered the home, but that he scared them away. Folden reported she did not see any evidence that a crime had been committed.

While speaking with the supposed victim, Folden noticed numerous swords and knives and a 12-gauge shotgun next to the front door.

Folden eventually persuaded the man to step outside, where she found a pocket knife in his pocket.

The resident later said he couldn't remember whether a burglary had actually occurred and said it may have been a dream, the officer reported.

While officers believed the man may have been under the influence of a narcotic at the time, they felt he was stable enough to be left on his own.

However, shortly after 10 p.m., officers were once again called to the home when a neighbor in the adjacent residence reported hearing a gunshot coming from the home. Officers heard someone moving around in the apartment and knocked on the door, Folden reported.

"Officers then heard a gunshot and then immediately began hearing moaning," Folden said.

The officers could see through the window that the man was able to walk around and attempted to persuade him to open the door, but he refused.

"After several more minutes of prompting him to open the door, officers heard another gunshot from inside of the apartment," Folden said in the report.

At this point, officers requested the assistance of the SWAT team, who continued to urge the man to leave the home.

"After a couple hours of deliberating, (the victim) came out of the house and was secured," Folden reported. "He had wounds to the face and was placed into the ambulance."

The man was taken by air ambulance about 3 a.m. Sunday to Grady Memorial Hospital.

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