Some political laughter
Comedians to tackle electoral process in season opener

CONYERS - The timing couldn't be better.

With their respective nominations and conventions behind them, the presidential candidates are hitting the home stretch, and all anyone seems to be able to talk about is who will be the nation's 44th president.

While sober debate and discussion of the issues are the order of the day, there's always room for a few laughs, and the Conyers Rockdale Council for the Arts is preparing to serve up a heaping helping of political humor with next weekend's season opener - "One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State."

According to CRCA artistic director Ric Chiapetta, area residents are in for a treat when improvisational comedy troupe Chicago City Limits swings into town on Saturday to perform at Heritage High School.

"This is something that, to my knowledge, has never been done in this area," Chiapetta said. "It's an audience participation show, getting most of their ideas from the audience and most of their material from the presidential campaigns. ... Every show is unique, because every audience is unique."

Based in Chicago, the troupe is a highly regarded part of that city's long-standing reputation as a wellspring of comedic talent, he said. "Chicago is the hotbed for improv," Chiapetta said. "It's a feeder for groups like Saturday Night Live and several of today's more prominent comedians."

The troupe also holds the distinction of performing in New York City's longest running comedy revue. "They've gotten outstanding reviews from the New York Times and other major newspapers," he added.

Chiapetta added that while imrov comedians are known for having a tendency to tread into the realm of baudy humor at times, Chicago City Limits is a completely family friendly affair. "This is definitely a family show," he said.

Tickets for the show are available now by calling 770-922-3143 or visiting www.conyersarts.org. They are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and $10 for students. The doors at Heritage will open promptly at 7:30 on Saturday night, and the fun is set to begin at

8 p.m.

Colin M. Stewart may be reached at colin.stewart@rockdalecitizen.com.