Dozen gas pumps stolen

COVINGTON - Covington Police made a quick arrest following the theft of a dozen surplus gas pumps from WOCO Pep Oil Co. at 4129 Guinn St.

Brothers Joshua Micah Johnson, 26, of 385 Willow Shoals Drive and Garren Keith Johnson, 25, of 5162 Linwood Drive were arrested Wednesday and charged with felony theft by taking.

According to Detective Steve Fowler, the Johnson brothers took 11 or 12 of the pumps which were stacked up outside the business. The thefts apparently took place over a period of a few days, beginning Aug. 26.

"They took them a few at a time, going back during the night, and the thefts continued through the weekend," Fowler said. "When they went to recycle them at a Covington business, we arrested them."

Fowler said the pumps were valued between $15,000 and $20,000 by the business owner. However, astonishingly, the pair were only collecting $35 for each one.

"The pumps weighed about 200 pounds each and they got 8 cents a pound. They had to take them apart and remove some plastic and rubber hoses, too. They were spending a lot of time and effort just to get $35 to split between them," Fowler said.

He said the two confessed to the crime and said they were eating at a nearby restaurant and happened to see the pumps stacked near the business when they came up with the idea to take them.

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