Letter - Candidate spreading incorrect economic development info

To the editor:

During this campaign season, one of the candidates has been talking about a decrease in the Industrial and Commercial tax digest in our county. That is simply not the case.

The fact is that over the last four years the commercial and industrial property and value in Rockdale County has actually grown!

A quick look at the numbers shows a 15 percent increase in commercial property and even a small increase in industrial property. The insinuation that we have gone backwards in regards to economic development is not true. In fact, the numbers prove just the opposite.

Residential property has grown and it remains essential that we continue to grow our commercial base for the county to remain economically sound so that the Board of Commissioners can continue to minimize the tax burden on homeowners, which they have successfully accomplished. The current county administration has worked on both sides of the equation by controlling residential growth, while working hard to retain and expand existing industry, and recruit new commercial and industrial investments to Rockdale County by selling the many positive aspects we have to offer.

Rockdale County and the city of Conyers are seen by outsiders as great places to live, work, and play. Our county and city leadership is very effective and committed to doing the right things for our citizens and the future of our community. Our school system is excellent, as is our access to quality health care. All these bode well for economic development. We are moving in the right direction.

Glenn Sears

Executive Director

Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council