Industry heads to Covington
Few details revealed about cardboard manufacturer

COVINGTON - A new industry locating in the city of Covington has been labeled Project Cougar by state economic development officials, and those involved with it are keeping tight-lipped.

A company called Premiere Packaging Inc., which manufactures cardboard packaging, has been issued a business permit to open in a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, owned by Capes and Associates Commercial Warehousing, at 9198 Wheat St., according to city of Covington records.

Olivier Gervais, listed as the managing director of the business, said that packaging will be manufactured and shipped from the site to customers and that initially, the business could employ between four to six people, though those numbers might increase if the business is a success.

As to what type of packaging will be manufactured, Gervais would only say that, "It depends on what the customer wants us to make it for."

Gervais also would not reveal his investment in the project, comment on why he chose to locate in Covington or speculate on any economic benefit his business might bring the community "for privacy reasons," he said.

"We haven't started yet to run the business so we don't want to tell. I may be able to tell more about it when we start," he said.

Gervais estimated the opening will take place in two weeks to one month.

Project Cougar has been mentioned in two public meetings in recent weeks, during a Chamber of Commerce economic development update given by President John Boothby to the City Council and Board of Commissioners.

Boothby said he could not comment further on the project without clearance from the company. City Councilman John Howard, who signed the business permit as a representative for Capes and Associates Commercial Warehousing, also would not comment.

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