Health Reports 10/7/2008

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. As of Dec. 1, the Environmental Health Division implemented new regulations that include both a letter grade and numeric score. The current form, along with the two most recent inspection reports, must be visibly posted within 15 feet of the establishment's main entrance and drive-thru windows.

· Crazy Ron's BBQ, 96-A, 2040 Eastside Drive, Conyers, Date: Sept. 11

Violations: Several items that are held more than 24 hours were not properly date marked.

· Greek Pizza House, 91-A, 977 N. Main St., Conyers, Date: Sept. 11

Violations: Cheese on prepline table not cold holding at the proper temperature.

· Memorial Middle School, 95-A, 3205 Underwood Road, Conyers, Date: Sept. 11

Violations: Several items, mayonnaise and cheese were mismarked with the wrong dates. Cutting board may need to be sanded or replaced.

· Pacho's Mexican Grill, 66-U, 6193 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Sept. 11

Violations: Employee handled dirty dishes and clean dishes without washing hands. Employee drink without lid or straw in food prep area. Chicken stored above lettuce. Food stored uncovered in walk-in. Cold foods out of temperature at prep refrigerator. Hot foods out of temperature. Sanitizer buckets stored on floor. Oil stored on floor. Wiping cloths stored in food prep area. No hand-washing sign in men's restrooms. Dishes stored wet. Stirrer's at bar not individually wrapped. Ventilation system not functioning effectively. Walk-in is overcrowded with food items - need separate cooler/walk-in to remedy problem or reduce food inventory. · Folks Inc., 85-B, 1081 Iris Drive, Conyers, Date: Sept. 12

Violations: Several items in salad prep cooler not being held at the proper temperature. Employee observed preparing food while wearing unapproved jewelry. Wet utensils observed stored stacked on one another. Fryer baskets deteriorating. Door gasket seals of reach-in cooler soiled.

· J.H. House Elementary School, 100-A, 2930 Ga. Highway 20, Conyers, Date: Sept. 12

· Mandarin Garden, 96-A, 1820 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Sept. 12

Violations: Cooked noodles stored in cardboard boxes. Several employees observed washing hands in dish sink.

· Azalea Gardens, 98-A, 1358 Manchester Drive, Conyers, Date: Sept. 15

Violations: Soiled utensils observed stored with clean utensils. Gasket seal on reach-in cooler soiled.

· Honey Creek Elementary School, 100-A, 700 Honey Creek Road, Conyers, Date: Sept. 15

· Long John Silvers, 80-B, 1450 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Sept. 15

Violations: Employee drink with no straw stored in walk-in cooler. No paper towels at prep hand sink. Food items in walk-in freezer not covered. Multiple day dots on products. Fryer basket deteriorating. No air gap at three-compartment sink. Trash on ground behind dumpster. Need new dumpster. Wall tiles missing on wall in serving line. Return vent covered in dust.

· Flat Shoals Elementary School, 93-A, 1455 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, Date: Sept. 16

Violations: Dish items going through automatic dish machine not properly sanitized by high-temperature sanitization. Several pans stored clean with water in pans.

· Rockdale Career Academy, 100-A, 1064 Culpepper Drive, Conyers, Date: Sept. 16

· Sherwood Forest, 92-A, 1047 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, Date: Sept. 16

· Amici Italian Cafe, 69-U, 1133 Church St., Covington, Date: Sept. 22

Violations: Employee changed gloves without washing hands. Employee handled pizza with bare hands-. Employee drinks in food prep areas. Food out of cold holding temperature. Tuna salad out of date. Wiping cloths stored in food prep area. Cups stored wet. Ceiling vents dirty in kitchen at dishwasher area.

· Luigis Pizza, 100-A, 4143 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Sept. 23

· Sonic, 77-C, 8225 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Sept. 23

Violations: Employee drink cup stored in food prep area. Ice machine, dicer, slicer, chopper and can opener were dirty. No thermometers in walk-in cooler. Onion batter on walk-in cooler floor. Sugar stored with no cover. Plastic scoop handle in with sugar product. Containers stored wet above three-compartment sink. Ice build-up on fan unit in walk-in freezer. Walk-in freezer floor dirty. Drain vent clogged by prep sink. Water backing up and clean out in back employee bathroom area. Toilet running in men's bathroom. Cove molding broken/cracked behind milk shake machine. Light out in walk-in freezer. Flies in food prep area.