Man arrested on rape charges

COVINGTON - The Covington Police Department arrested a man in connection with an alleged rape of a 31-year-old woman that took place in the early morning hours Sunday, according to Lt. Wendell Wagstaff.

Stoney Lamar Usher, 50, of 431 Arbor Lake Road has been charged with rape and false imprisonment.

Wagstaff said officers were first alerted to the incident when the woman's friend called 911 from a service station located on Bypass Road about 2:45 a.m. She told them she and her friend were leaving a residence and walking down Pinedale Drive when her friend was "attacked by a man named Stoney and carried into a house on Pine Needle Drive," Wagstaff said.

Officers went to the residence on Pine Needle Drive, and a man who identified himself as Stoney answered the door.

"Officers asked permission to search the house, and when they went inside there was a girl standing in the hallway outside a bedroom. She was upset and crying," Wagstaff said.

When questioned, she said Usher had grabbed her by the throat and carried her off and officers observed a mark on the woman's neck, according to Wagstaff.

"When they got to the residence he told her to take her pants off and had sex against her will," Wagstaff said. "The woman said they had known each other in the past, but said the sex was not consensual. Based on the evidence and witness statements we made an arrest and charged him."

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