Dog owner charged with reckless conduct after grandmother bitten

COVINGTON - A grandmother who was pushing her small grandchild in a stroller on Spillers Drive was allegedly attacked by two pit bulls on Sept. 22, according to reports released this week by the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Mark Mitchell said two deputies arrived at the scene about 11 a.m. and while one officer was assisting the victims and getting them to safety, the other officer was dealing with the dogs.

"They turned on the officer and he deployed his Taser, striking one dog and incapacitating it," Mitchell said, adding that the second dog ran from the scene but was ultimately captured by Newton County Animal Control. Both dogs were taken to that agency's facility.

Mitchell said the victim told deputies she was walking her grandchild when the pit bulls came at her. As they got closer, she tried to protect the child and received several bites on her right ankle and calf area.

Dog owner Jeffery Nunn, of 9135 Spillers Drive, is facing reckless conduct charges.

In other crime news, a 15-year-old Eastside High School student became irate when an administrator prevented him from entering the school from the bus lane area, Mitchell said.

A school resource officer was called and the student became irate with him as well and was taken into custody and charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

In searching him, a 6-inch folding knife was found on him and he was charged with weapons on school property as well.

A Newton County High School student was seen by a school administrator in a school hallway with "something taped to his wrist," Mitchell said.

A closer inspection revealed that the student had two pieces of metal taped together and affixed to his wrist. Mitchell said the metal implement was described as a "metal shank" and that a second homemade weapon was found on the student's person. He was charged with weapons on school property and was turned over to juvenile authorities.

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