Newton Citizen Poll - 11/29/2008

"I wanted to say thank you to Downtown Covington for a great evening on the Square Thursday night. My family had a blast. The only safety concern I see that needs to be addressed immediately is detouring the traffic off the Square. The Square should be closed off during those few hours for only one night a week for three weeks. We now have a three-story parking deck that can be utilized for these type of events. Let's use it, our tax dollars have paid for it. Let's keep our kids safe!"

"Money is short and times are hard. It comes down to needs and wants. Do we really need the proposed five-star hotel, theater and restaurant which the elected are looking for and which 90 percent plus of the average will never use? Or should we rather spend the $23 million on the urgently needed improvements at Brown Bridge Road and Salem Road and Ga. 20 and 212. The moving of 212 some 300 feet or so simply is not going to help traffic because cars are backed up all the way past the dollar store in rush hours. Simply drive Ga. 20 in the rush hours and see for yourself. Admittedly this is a temporary fix and all will have to be redone in the future. Why waste money now?"

Editor's Note: The proposed downtown civic center/hotel project is on hold due to the current instability of the bond market, according to Covington Mayor Kim Carter. Also, the city and county have yet to reach a deal with the private hotel developer. "It's on hold month by month until we see what's going on with the economy," Carter said at a recent town hall meeting hosted by the city.

"This is about Sharp Learning Center. I would like to know who is watching the teenagers out there in the noontime. I got out to get some records the other day and got asked for a cigarette. I told them no. Then they proceeded to go to my car. I had a passenger in the car and was going to forcefully try to make her give them a cigarette. She had to lock the doors till I came back out to the vehicle. The teenagers are very harassing outside of the building. The cops were standing off to the left hand side of the building and could not even see these teenagers, so I am just trying to figure out who is keeping an eye on these teenagers in the afternoon between 3:30 and 4."

"This is about the justice system in Newton County. I think if you are not guilty you should go ahead and plead guilty 'cause if you cannot afford a lawyer, the public defender is not going to defend you at all. Somebody should check in to how many wins the public defender in Newton County has and how many wins the state has. They seem to put people on probation for three years for a $300 fine, two years out of the three they are making $35 a month just off somebody being on probation. I think their punishments are uncalled for; it doesn't fit the crime."

"I went to vote at the Executive Building and decided to take a look around on all three floors. The second and third floors look to be OK. The first floor was awful! The floor looked in need of sweeping, but then again there is probably no hope for it now except stripping it. The windows were really nasty also. The first floor has more traffic on it than the other two."

"I totally agree with the reader who asked about getting an indoor pool for Newton County. It would be really nice to have a lap pool and a dive pool together. It is great exercise, a stress reliever something we all need. Can the county please think about that? I know we pay enough taxes! If golf carts can be approved for city use, can you look into the pool? Thanks!"

"Craigslist and Pet finder are free services. I would think the county could afford a digital camera and the services of someone to take a pet's picture and upload it to one of these sites. I am sure there would be a dramatic increase in adoptions if the county would take the initiative and time to try to find homes for these animals placed in their care. I recently tried to adopt an animal from one of the local adoption services using these sites and found out for the one animal I was trying to adopt that they had multiple applications submitted just for this animal. That was because the animal was placed on Craigslist for adoption. Newton County needs to get in the new century and use online services when available to them."

"All due respect for my elders, but to the guy that was fined in Social Circle, you should have had. When are y'all going to learn when the lights turn yellow it does not mean to pull out so you can catch a break when the lights turn red. Just to add, I would love to see police officers write any driver who tries to beat the light a ticket, even when they block an intersection for 30 seconds just to beat the yellow light. By the way, did you ever stop and think even though your light turns red and you speed to your left, what if someone was trying to cross the street. When your light goes red it gives the right of way for people to cross the street. Personally, if you left the light and then got radar doing 39 mph I would give you a ticket too. And to the other writers who has wrote about speed traps - I have a great idea for you to void the traps - slow down."

"Yeah, great idea for the tunnel under Turner Lake Road. You definitely don't care for people's safety. Oh, but wait just a minute. This is for the golf carts and for all the troubled kids to hang out in."

"Hey Newton County, where is your spirit? We have a high school team in the playoffs, we should be supporting them with ribbons, parades, or something!"

"I would like to leave a message: As we are sending Christmas cards this year, if we could just address one to our soldiers: A recovering American soldier in care of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6990 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20307-5001. Let's remember the people who are keeping us free at this Christmas season."

"I am just sitting here enjoying my Saturday Citizen Poll. I just love this paper, especially like the Citizen Poll. I was just reading here about the people getting the golf carts. If these people are too old to walk or too old to drive a car, what in the heck are we putting them on golf carts for? The traffic is already terrible downtown, hard to get a parking place, especially where you have to go and vote or take care of your business. I certainly enjoyed the Christmas thing Thursday night - it was beautiful. The city has really done a great job lighting up downtown Covington. The only thing I missed was Santa Claus. I don't know why he can't be walking around the park that particular night instead of having pictures made. All the children and people I saw walking around downtown - Where was Santa Claus? We sure did miss him. I guess we were too old to have our picture taken."

"This is in regards to the Citizen's Readers Choice Awards. I just found out through my brother - my brother was a winner this year - I found out they run his picture in there after you guys talked him into doing a two or three hundred dollar advertisement. How tacky. We fill these things out and we expect winners. We didn't know you were going to go and try to get money out of them. You should go and take the picture and put it in your paper. Not bother them with advertising. I am so disappointed in this. Every year I vote and I see a lot of my friends in there and now I realize that you have bamboozled them into buying large ads. What a disappointment. Shame, shame shame."

Editor's note: The Readers Choice winners are listed in a special advertising section we publish to announce the winners. Those who would like to have more than a listing in the section may buy a display ad. The choice is up to the winner.

"I went to the Tax Assessors Office the only time I had free and they were closed for Thanksgiving lunch. I had to leave and could not come back that day. I think it's nice they were having a lunch, but why are they allowed to close in the middle of the day with no one to help the public?"

"I totally agree with the reader who asked about swimming pools. We came from Rockdale county, where our children were on summer league swim teams and on a year-round team. Why is Newton so behind on this? I would love a pool to work out and swim laps in. My children would love to be on a swim team and not have to commute to Rockdale or Walton County."

"I would like to comment: Purpose of Traffic Laws - When making a left turn at an intersection, yield the right of way to all traffic coming from the opposite direction. At intersections with traffic control lights, wait until the intersection is clear of traffic or approaching traffic before entering. Do not proceed 'just because' you have the green light."

"We just can't take any more of the Elite Media 'Stories' about Obama day in and day out. It's been going on now for nearly two years! His smiling face on their news channels and their news Web sites. At my house, we have started boycotting Channel 2, 5 and 11 and CNN news. They just keep on showcasing this man. Now it is the 'Office of the President Elect.' Ha Ha Ha! Why, that's just hodgepodge! He has no power yet! There is no substance to that. All for show ... Why ... Stephoknothead (Clinton's righthand man), on ABC News, grinning like a Cheshire cat, is saying this is the greatest and speediest transition of all times! I bet he hasn't even checked the history of other transitions. Why, they are treating him like he is super human. They are treating him like George Reeves or Christopher Reeve or Muhammed Ali. We can't take it anymore! I am with Bubba on this one! Quote: 'This is the Biggest Fairy Tale that I have ever seen in my Adult Life.' Boycott those one-sided news media channels with us. After all, there are 57 million of us out here and our state is still red like most of the South."

"I thought the majority of the folks that live here or moved here was mostly due to the small town America lifestyle we are so fortunate to experience. It saddens me to hear all the complaining about the new golf cart ordinance being passed recently. It reminds me how bicyclists are treated when sharing the road with automobiles. I have witnessed people driving cars at fast speeds and not moving one inch over when passing someone on a bicycle! It looks like the ones complaining have already made up their minds to treat the people driving golf carts the same way. Just remember, there is ample road space within the city limits, especially Floyd and Conyers streets, for either carts or bikes, so it should not interfere with your road rage. You really shouldn't be driving fast anyway, that's what 278 or I-20 is for. Or how about staying off your cell phones (talking and texting while driving) - pay attention to where you're going. There could be people walking their dogs, children playing nearby, walkers, people riding bikes, now golf carts ... people with healthy lifestyles - give them a break! Maybe you should try it for yourself and it might relieve some of that pent up anger that unfortunately you take out on everyone when you get into your cars."