Health Reports - 11/25/2008

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department and the Newton County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· City King Buffet, 64-U, 1665 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Oct. 18

Violations: Person in charge not performing duties. Employees not washing hands as required. Bare-hand conduct with ready to eat good by employee. Utensils not sanitized due to malfunction of dish machine sanitizer unit. Hot-hold foods not being held at the proper temperature. In-use utensils stored improperly between table and cooler. Clean utensils stored with soiled utensils. Deteriorating fryer and fryer baskets. Dish machine not functioning properly. Outside of equipment soiled. Entire kitchen area needs thorough cleaning. Several roaches in kitchen.

· Chick-fil-A-Mobile, 100-A, 3130 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Oct. 20

· Chick-fil-A, 100-A, 3130 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Oct. 20

· Veterans Memorial Middle School, 94-A, 13357 Brown Bridge Road, Covington, Date: Oct. 20

Violations: No label on container holding sugar. Metal pans stored wet after washing. Fan over sink area had buildup of dust. Light out in walk-in freezer.

· American Deli, 99-A, 3154 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Date: Oct. 21

Violations: Install shelving racks above three-compartment sink for air drying dishes. Move mop sink to area by water heater. Move prep sinks to separate area away from hand sinks. Close drain off in walk-in cooler. Need cove molding on back wall and doors to enclose electric panels. Seal gap by walk-in cooler and wall. Need light in walk-in cooler.

· Golden Spoon Jamaican, 84-B, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, Date: Oct. 21

Violation: Jerk chicken held at an improper temperature. Proper cooling methods not followed as required. Prepared items not date/time marked as required. No alternate methods used to reduce temperature.

· Hard Luck Cafe, 95-A, 1801 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Oct. 21

Violations: Sanitizer stored over prep table with food being prepared. Damaged door gasket seal on True Freezer.

· Rockdale Health Care Center, 94-A, 1510 Renaissance Drive, Conyers, Date: Oct. 21

Violations: Mold-like substance in ice maker.

· McDonald's, 68-U, 10701 Covington Bypass, Covington, Date: Oct. 21

Violations: Employee changed gloves without washing hands. Coffee mug sitting in hand sink. No paper towels at handsink. Raw eggs stored over cooked eggs. Tea spout dirty. Hash browns held out of temperature. Wiping cloths stored in food prep area. No inspection report posted at drive thru. Utensils stored wet. Fans in walk-in cooler dirty. No paper towels in restrooms. Heat lamp out at fry station.

· Sharp School, 89-B, 3135 Newton Drive, Covington, Date: Oct. 21

Violations: Employee wiping down stainless surface with sanitizer then put on gloves to prep lettuce. Ice machine lid has loose gasket and lid is cracked. Smoke detector is hanging from ceiling. Ceilings and fans in walk-in cooler are dirty.

· BMB Variety Cafe, 94-A, 1410 Klondike Road, Conyers, Date: Oct. 22

Violations: Wet utensils observed stored stacked one on another. Inside and outside of equipment soiled. Ceiling tiles are not an approved material in storage room.

· East Newton Elementary, 81-B, 2286 Dixie Road, Covington, Date: Oct. 22

Violations: Employee drink in food prep area. Macaroni left in food prep sink. Sanitizer bucket has solution that was too strong. Milk containers sitting on floor in walk-in cooler. Wet wiping cloth on counter. Gasket around walk-in cooler door dirty. Metal seal loose at top right corner of walk-in cooler door casing. Ice buildup in walk-in freezer. Air return dirty at heat/air unit. Pipe behind ice maker leaking at off/on valve. Tile on corner of wall cracked. Dirty floors behind ice maker. Light shield in walk-in cooler missing.

· Hill-Phoenix Cafeteria, 100-A, 709 Sigman Road, Conyers, Date: Oct. 24

· Rockdale HeadStart, 96-A, 1142 Scott St., Conyers, Date: Oct. 27

Violations: Thermometer not readily available in milk cooler. Paint peeling from joint in ceiling. Dust gathering on ceiling and return vent.

· Thai Palace, 92-A, 968 Main St., Conyers, Date: Oct. 27

Violations: Food items stored uncovered in cooler units. No disclosure/reminder statements for sushi bar.