Newton Citizen Poll - 11/15/2008

"Brian Nichols has been found guilty on all counts in the Fulton County courthouse shootings and his punishment must now be decided. There is only one punishment fit for Brian Nichols - the death penalty! He callously and in cold blood murdered four people and left one severely disabled for no reason. He forever changed the life of the deputy assigned to guarding him that fateful morning, and forever changed the lives of the families and friends of Judge Rowland Barnes, Court Reporter Julie Ann Brandeu, Deputy Hoyt Teasley and Federal Agent David Wilhelm. For the love of God people, his own mother wished he was dead! What does that tell you? Brian Nichols had no mercy for his victims on the morning of March 11, 2005. The people of Fulton County and the state of Georgia should have no mercy on him!"

"To the lady who was at the BB&T intersection and was harassed by the ignorant driver in front of you; good for you! About time someone stood up to idiots like that, that think they own the road and everything for that matter! I too have a gun for protection, and I think every citizen should. Lucky for her, she didn't catch you at a bad time or she would have been finding herself on 278 at Newton Medical!"

"To the citizen who prefers big box retail stores over the retailer on the Square. I too, enjoy shopping at Target (I wish we had one here instead of the one who leaves us abandoned buildings)! But, only when I cannot find what I'm looking for first at one of our retailers on the Square. Many times I let them know what I'm looking for and they usually can order it and let me know when to pick it up within the next day or two. By the way, I don't just limit my retailers to the Square as there are many small retailers all over the county. It gives me such pleasure knowing I am helping (in any small way) to support a local business and their family in the area. If more of us would unite together and do this too, we could keep our county thriving in this current economic condition. I guess if you have only bought from the big box retailers, then you really don't have anything to compare shopping experiences to and probably content with 'you get what you pay for.' I love the fact that I have many choices (small or big retailers) where to shop, and I personally prefer quality over quantity and value my time."

"You could never in a million years convince me that this presidential election was true and correct! The citizens of Newton County without any identification was told that we could get a free one at the Department of Motor Vehicles, this was on the cable station and I was told this at the city offices. When I went to get my I.D. the African-American woman told me no! and was very rude to me! Just to let you know, whatever your name is at the DMV, I did get to vote and people like you should not be working in the area of public service! I only wish I had gotten your name and badge number, I would turn you in to the proper people! Shame on you!"

"This past Sunday I was leaving my home in the Five Oaks subdivision. In the middle of the subdivision there is a little creek that runs under the road. Wildlife crosses the road here daily. While leaving I saw a tortoise trying to cross. My husband stopped the car and put the flashers on. Again, this is a residential road, not a highway. Its a one way in - one way out road with little traffic. We stopped our car and my husband is about to open the door when a huge truck passes us, therefore crushing the turtle we were trying to save. I know it's a turtle, but did you have to go around? Why couldn't you have taken just 30 extra seconds and seen why we were stopped? I mean, what if I had braked for a kid? Well, good for you it wasn't a kid. Just in the future could you please slow down and just be more thoughtful of what others are doing? Running over the turtle apparently was no big deal for you, but it was for me having to see and hear it. I know a lot of people will not understand this comment and those that do I can assume already brake for wildlife or turtles ... Just because it's not important to you doesn't mean it's not important to others. Please use more caution in the future, even if not for you - for everyone else."

"Just a note for the Rockdale Citizen. I do actually read the paper and not just listen to the radio. I also watch TV and go on the Internet. Just thought I'd clear that up. Here's my thought, maybe you should be kinder to your readers and you'd have a few more. Maybe a little competition is what the Rockdale Citizen lacks."

Editor's note: Our point is that if you had read the paper before submitting your comment to the Citizen Poll, you would have had the facts and not the misinformation disseminated by the radio station.

"I would just like to let you know that for the past two weeks I have responded to the Citizen Poll with comments - nothing cruel and hateful, either, just sending my prayers to a family of a heart attack victim and a special needs child and his Dr. father being rejected from their home. And neither was published - why not may I ask."

Editor's note: We edited the comment about the heart attack victim because you identified that person in your comment. We did not feel it was appropriate to name a private individual and give information about their health in this forum. The comment about the special needs child was edited because the context of the comment was unclear.

"I recently went out of town where there was golf cars everywhere. Let me tell you how dumb this decision is. We witnessed an accident where a golf car pulled out into traffic, turned right off a red light. The coming car locked down the brakes and was hit by an another car in the rear. As witnesses we had to stay and write a report. As we were talking to the police officers we did not know that it was legal to drive these on city streets. The officer said that it was the dumbest idea ever for they just had a wreck that involved kids on the back. Believe it or not the cars was cited for speeding and the other for following too closely. This idea is dumb, and I promise you this - if any of my tax dollars get wasted on making lanes or parking places for these golf cars or if these golf cars park in a regular parking places you will face a town of your enemies."

"In the news last week; 'Councilwoman Linda Finger singled out an expenditure of $350 for window blinds in May and $3,400 spent for cell phones since May as examples of spending that could be curtailed.' Ms. finger is correct, there is no viable reasoning for it, and Porterdale officials said that cell phones had been discontinued several months ago and now we find out they haven't. The better question is - why does the city furnish the council members with cell phones in the first place? It appears these people have no idea of fiscal responsibility and think they are entitled to use taxpayer funds on personal services."

"Last week a pollster commented 'I seriously question the wisdom of our city council,' referring to the passage of the golf cart ordinance. What that person failed to understand is collectively the Covington City Council doesn't possess enough cranium material to fill a thimble. In other words, if brains were organic fertilizer, combined they wouldn't have enough to stink. And by the way, is that area next to City Hall being graded for the major's new office, or is that the golf cart parking lot?"

"People wonder why Covington/Newton County has such difficulty attracting new businesses to this area. It was reported this week that an individual had applied for a special-use permit for a building that is located on a state highway. The permit was approved with a list of conditions that make it almost impossible to operate. A total of 12 or so demands were listed. I call these demands in the fact that if he wants the license, it is demanded he follow these unjustifiable rules. Just another example of your government at work. Socialist mentality and Communist agenda. On the other hand, these same politicians will break every rule in the book to further the projects they harbor themselves."

"My call is in reference to a call in the Citizen Poll on Nov. 8th. The person that said the police department and the fire department had been reduced as far as having members. I don't remember seeing anything like that in the paper, and if you could elaborate on that a little bit I would be greatly appreciative. And also the person who put in the paper about shopping at Kmart, Wal-Mart and on the Square. You know I shop all over the place and I am sure the people who shop the Square shop Wal-Mart and Kmart and the big malls just all the surrounding stores, so don't try to bash one just because one wants to go one place and one wants to go to another. It is time we support everybody all the stores."

"I had some comments regarding the election of Barack Obama. People need to remember that Jimmy Carter gave us eight years of prosperity - that being Ronald Reagan as a result of Mr. Carter. So two years we will have yet an off election for the house of rep and senators and those Democrats making all those outrageous promises including but not limited to 'we are going to give people the same health care that they have.' You know that is not going to happen. They will be up for re-election, so it is not all bad, but I can assure you that you get nothing out of nothing and you can't promise everything and not raise the taxes and put the economy in a worse tailspin than it is already. And remember who started all of this lending by Fannie Mae - started back in Clinton's administration as well as the end of Carter's and they allowed everybody to buy homes who they knew full well could not qualify. And lo and behold we are going back to the old tried and true method of putting some money down and how much you make annually and a portion of that dedicated to your house payment. It has made full circle, but it is yet to come all the way around. So in two years, folks, it will be a new ball game."

"Kudos to Veterans Memorial Middle School and the principal who is top notch in his field. My children have blossomed since they have come to Veterans. All the teachers, administrators all the staff there are just very caring, very dedicated, determined. My children love going to school there, and I love them being there. Their grades have improved dramatically with teachers who are willing to work with them and who really care about them getting an education and learning. Also I wanted to say kudos to Newton Medical Center. I had to take my grandson there. I was advised to take him to Egleston. He is 13 and I just felt comfortable taking him to Newton last week and they did a very good job finding the problem, giving him IVs. They treated him really well. They found out what was wrong with him and were able to clean up the situation. It would be nice if we had such leadership, dedication in Newton County transportation system. The poor bus drivers are victims, it is the leader who is sending them out there that do not know how to route the buses. My children bus driver comes from Hwy. 36 all the way over to Butler Bridge Road to pick them up, then goes back to Hwy. 36 to pick up children in her own neighborhood where her bus was parked in the first place because this is how she is routed. Therefore, my children are picked up at 10 minutes after six get to Veterans Memorial at 8:20. How many of you have a two-hour commute to work? This is ridiculous for the children. Something needs to be done. My children have already been attacked on the bus and I was not notified. Transportation system here is a joke, it is run by Mickey Mouse. We need to get Mickey Mouse out of there. Please parents wake up. Call the Board of Education do whatever you can to get these people out."

"Kudos to the person who sent in the article about the media's bias against Sen. John McCain. Add the following to the do-not-watch list - Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Ellen DeGeneres."

"I have noticed that other cities and counties use the PetFinder.com service to try to locate homes for the animals they have in their pounds. Spaulding/Griffith/Athens to name a few. I am just wondering why our local animal control does not do the same. It is a free service and would put the animals they have more easily available to the public. Especially to people who may want to adopt an animal but cannot visit the pound during normal hours. They could at least have the ability to contact the shelter and express an interest in a certain animal. I know when they post the pet of the week in the paper they get a lot of response for that particular pet. If they listed them on PetFinder.com anyone with a computer could look and see what was available and needing a home at our local pound. Not just what's available in Athens. The animals would have a lot better chance at finding that "furever" home and the wonderful staff they have working there wouldn't have the sad job of destroying so many animals."