On the beat: Couple: Candy stolen from car

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Trick or Treat

A couple reported to the Newton County Sheriff's Office that their automobile had been broken into and among the items taken was a $100 bag of assorted Halloween candy for the church.

What line, officer?

A man was spotted by a Covington Police Department officer weaving all over the road on Interstate-20 and when he was finally stopped and got out of his vehicle, the officer said he was very unsteady on his feet. The officer attempted to do a field sobriety test, telling the man to walk in a straight line. He told the officer repeatedly, "There is no line," and was ultimately arrested for DUI.

The kidnapper did it

A man was found by NCSO deputies walking along I-20 with blood dripping from his arms and lacerations on his head. Deputies located his vehicle in a wooded area with the front smashed in. Although very unsteady on his feet and smelling of alcohol, the man was able to tell them a man put a .45-caliber gun to his head and hijacked him on Alcovy Road, forcing him to drive off the road and into a tree. The alleged hijacker was never located and the man was given a citation for DUI.

A few necessities

A female shopper was arrested by the CPD at Wal-Mart after she allegedly brought an empty diaper bag into the store and left with it full and overflowing with such items as tissue, bead garland, two brushes, two mirrors, two cans of dog food, two tutus, two ornaments and a package of meat. The total price of the items was $48.61.

· A couple was arrested at Wal-Mart after they took several items without paying for them. The stolen items included soap, skin cream, make-up, Vaseline, face care products, baby seat belt covers and an Indiana Jones DVD. The total price of the items was $53.54.

· A woman was arrested for shoplighting at Kmart after she was observed concealing numerous articles of clothing inside her jacket and purse. Once caught and while waiting for the police to arrive, she told the loss prevention officer "I don't know why I stole the clothes. I am sorry. Can I pay for them now?" She was charged with shoplifting in the total amount of $85.95.

· A man was arrested at Wal-Mart for taking a pair of scissors from the store and using them to cut open the packaging of two air-soft pistols. The total price of the items was $57.92.

· A man was arrested at Wal-Mart after he was seen taking three pairs of earrings and two watches from the jewelry department. He put one watch in his wallet and the other on his arm and walked out of the store.

Too busy to help

A woman reported her daughter missing and told authorities she usually came home when she left like that, but this time she did not return. She told them about a friend down the street that she may have gone to, but the friend told officers when she saw her she told her she couldn't stay at her house because she was on her way out the door to a Bible study.

Honesty is best policy

An NCSO deputy stopped a man on I-20 for an improper drive-out tag, but the deputy then discovered he had a suspended driver's license for driving under the influence of a controlled substance and an outstanding Henry County warrant. Pursuant to his arrest, the deputy searched him and found a suspicious "lump" in his pocket. The driver explained it was, "just some weed." Continuing his search, the deputy found another suspicious grassy-like substance wrapped in some cellophane in a rear pocket and was informed, "Oh, that must have fell out when I moved it from the other pocket. I thought you already had that, or I would have told you about it, too."

· NCSO deputies received a call about a fight between a man and a woman. When they arrived at the residence, they saw the man holding the woman by the arm and yelling at her. The woman told them the man was not supposed to be there and she wanted him to leave. They asked the man how he got into the house in the first place and he told them he simply opened the garage door and used his driver's license to unlock the kitchen door. He was arrested.