GPC starts celebration with festival

COVINGTON - Georgia Perimeter College will be a little brighter in a few months.

Starting this week, the college's Newton Campus will embark on a four-month celebration that includes planting daffodils.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, the college will hold a public daffodil festival during which students and guests will plant daffodils and have a little fun. The event will take place on the campus, located at 239 Cedar Lane, which is off Ga. Highway 11 in Covington.

During the day, guests will plant daffodils, enjoy food during "Taste of Newton," and hear live musicians play rhythm and blues, flutes and Dixieland jazz. Botanical art instructor Carol Anne Sutherland also will teach guests how to draw daffodils, while staff members will teach history, geography and geology about the region and the flower.

Children's activities include face painting and storytelling.

Chris Moser, an organizer of the event, said daffodils are the chosen focus because they are - and have been for many years - a popular flower in the area.

"Daffodils grow abundantly in this particular area, and it's connected with our history," said Moser, who also in a communications instructor at the campus. "People used to plant daffodils around their homesteads."

He said many times when homes were left behind, two rows of daffodils often remained - he said this was likely the home's walkway to their doorsteps.

"You can imagine a little old lady planting the flowers when she lived there," he said. "The love of these flowers go back a long way."

The daffodil festival is the start of a four-month celebration by the college that will feature other events observing the culture and history of the campus and the community.

The college hopes to make this celebration an annual event.

"This first year, we'll plant daffodils in the mound area in front of Building One to memorialize and honor our faculty, staff, students, family and community," said Dr. Alan Jackson, dean of academic services at GPC Newton. "In years to come, we'll put in an honor garden of bricks in designated areas around the campus."

SideBar: If you go

What: Daffodil festival

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

Where: Georgia Perimeter College, 239 Cedar Lane, Covington

More Information: www.gpc.edu