Newton Citizen Poll 11/001/2008

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. This week's poll was an open line.

"Thanks for the info about two of the organizations that have promoted events in this county. The same year the function at the Salem Campground was discontinued, some function was held at the Covington Square. My husband and I were charged a dollar to enter the Square and there was nothing there but one vendor and a group of kids singing. I have not been back there for any event since. I'm distressed that the end of any disagreement so often descends to 'why don't you go somewhere else?.' We're fine where we are. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers is nearby and Porterdale seems to be gearing up, as is Social Circle. Forgive me for giving my opinion; it has always been our intention to support our community by patronizing offered events (spending money) not by planning them. Everyone serves in their own way."

"Just an 'oh by the way'. Ayn Rand is being quoted a lot lately. I've read all her books. Doesn't it seem like the 'looters' have been on the ascendant for the last few decades?"

"I really would like some clarification on what is going on at this time in Georgia. The governor has ordered a cut in all departments. The crime rate is up but there has to be a cut in the police department and there are so many screw-ups in the 911 departments but they must cut. There have been a lot of fires it seems, but there has to be cuts in the fire department. I assume this includes the emergency services. There are several people at the CDC and other state offices that must take one day a month off without pay. These are federal grants so does that money go back to the federal coffers? I don't understand the governor flying all over the world with, I presume are state-owned planes and at this time it is necessary to pay $600,000 for a hanger. Wouldn't it be better if the planes were sold until the state got back on its feet? There would be no need for a $600,000 plane hanger. I don't know what goes on in the minds of politicians but maybe there is some rhyme or reason for this. Anyone able to clue me in?"

"Stop whining about Porterdale being a speed trap. If you don't want a ticket, don't speed. Cars routinely ignore the pedestrian crosswalk signs as they rush through town on 81. Try obeying the law. It will work for you."

"May I please paraphrase Arthur B. Laffer in a recent issue of the 'Wall Street Journal' - Giving more money to people when they fail, and taking more money away from people when they work, does not increase prosperity or work ... and the stock market knows it. If you thought Barney Frank and Congress did a bad job with running the Post Office, Amtrak Railroad, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the military ... just wait till you see what they do with the banks, your taxes, and what is left of your pensions and investments. These issues are not political ... it is simply a matter of economics. The stock market is a forward-looking leading indicator ... it sees what is coming. In 25 years, what Congress has done (and is still doing) will be compared to the Hoover Years between 1929 and 1932 ... time periods that could well be described as the end of prosperity for quite a while. The last time it took World War II to reestablish prosperity."

"I look forward to the Poll each week, and would like to submit this on the proposed property tax vote in answer to (a columnist's) recent article in The Covington News. While most senior citizens live on a fixed income, and really need the proposed property tax deduction, I understand why (the writer) does not. ... According to the public tax records (the writer's home) ... has 3,432 square feet valued at $160,900, while next door a brick cottage with 2,142 square feet is valued at $191,200. ... "

"Just finished reading the front page advertisement in Wednesday's Citizen for Saxby Chambliss, which was cleverly disguised as a news story. Looking forward to seeing the same size photo and article and photo on any of the Democrats one day the rest of this week ... "

"Long lines for early voting ... glad I had the sense to vote when early voting started! Now I find myself wondering about these long lines. For all the years I have been of voting age I have not failed to stand in line and vote in every election. So now I'm noticing that there is a certain segment of the population who seems to have dramatically increased their presence at the polls. Can't help but wonder why they couldn't get their fannies to the polls in past elections but can get there now ... Right - it's not about race! It's all about race and I bet Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave ... "

"I thought the Poll wasn't posting political comments. What was the view about Obama if not political! Try being fair."

Editor's note: The Newton Citizen Poll policy prohibits comments in favor of or in opposition to a candidate in a political race. The comment regarding Barak Obama's tax policies was included last week because the caller did not express an opinion in favor of or opposed to Obama. The caller simply gave Web sites where readers could get more information on the issue.