Naked man Tasered by Conyers police

CONYERS - A man unfettered by clothing led Conyers police officers on a foot chase early Friday morning before being stopped by a Taser.

Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart said that the police department received a number of phone calls beginning about 4 a.m. from residents complaining of an unclothed man walking around the area of Irwin Bridge Road and Sigman Road.

The first call came from a resident of the Meadow Crossing apartment complex who said a suspicious person wearing no shirt knocked on the door of the apartment.

"The person (who called) shut the door and the man walked off," Cathcart said. "He was apparently intoxicated."

The next call came in a short time later from a person complaining that a man wearing no clothes was walking around the apartment complex. Officers who responded to the area were unable to locate the unclad man.

"As they were leaving, a third call came in that a man with no clothes was walking around Sigman Road near Irwin Bridge Road," Cathcart said. "He was just out and about."

Two more calls came in to the police department about the naked man before officers found him walking around an area with heavy construction equipment.

"One officer tried to get him to get into the police car, but when he saw the second officer, the man took off running," the chief said.

As the man fled the officers, he apparently fell in a hole. While the suspect was able to get up and continue running, it provided an opportunity for the officers to get closer.

"After several warnings, one of the officers hit the man with one dart from a Taser in his back," Cathcart said. "The man threw his hands up and the officers secured him and put him in the patrol car."

Miguel Garcia-Martinez, 22, of 876 Briar Creek in Conyers was charged with public indecency and obstruction of law enforcement officers.