Tigers make good strides at spring camp

COVINGTON - Another year older, another year better.

That's the best way to describe Alcovy's football team as it heads into its third season.

"You can tell we're a year older, especially when you start thinking about that first year to where we are now. You can tell there's a maturity factor," Alcovy coach Kirk Hoffman said. "The kids have been in the system and it's becoming second nature to them. You can see that with the experience factor. That's probably the biggest thing that we saw."

When the Tigers started spring practice, Hoffman had questions about his team. But after what he considers a good spring practice, which ended with a good intrasquad game, he said some of those questions have been answered.

One of the main questions Hoffman and the coaching staff had to deal with was depth.

"We knew we weren't very deep on the line, so we tried a lot of kids and found some depth in there with the Zack Davises and the Jaketei Ridleys," Hoffman said. "We felt like we needed secondary people and we found kids that we felt could help us with Bo Williams and those type of kids.

"Going in, some of our questions were depth and we feel like we answered a little bit of those questions. We got our questions answered now we have to see how it fits in the puzzle."

Although some questions were answered, some were not.

In order to make the game more interesting, Hoffman has added some new twists to the offense. As with anything that's new, the offense must now do its part to work out the kinks.

"We've got a long way to go offensively just trying to get the timing down. We've thrown some new wrinkles in and the kids are excited. But it's just getting the timing down," he said.

Hoffman hopes to make these changes workable during the summer.

Aside from getting his players in the weight room and getting them in better condition, he is also getting the skilled-position players into passing leagues where he hopes they will be able to work on their timing.

Other things the Alcovy coaches want to accomplish before their scrimmage at home Aug. 15 against Southside are to make their players better athletes and fine tune the offense and secondary.

"If a person can become a better athlete, it equates to becoming a better football team," Hoffman said.

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