Eagle standouts are busy, eager to learn

Cain to study nursing in college

COVINGTON - Eastside High School valedictorian Marley Cain has secured the top spot in her graduating class, even while working a job, participating in multiple extracurricular activities and taking several Advanced Placement classes throughout high school.

"This past year has been a big deal for me because I've been self-supporting," said 18-year-old Cain, who has lived with another family instead of her parents since February 2007. "I'm just glad I was able to keep my grades up. I've learned a lot of responsibility."

Before last semester, when she took AP Calculus and AP Economics, she said she didn't have to study too hard for her classes, but now she's really busy.

"I haven't been much of a studier until this past year," said Cain, adding that reading the material and doing math problems repeatedly helps her prepare for tests. "Trying to fit everything into my schedule is hard."

On top of working at TruHealth Wellness Center in Covington, Cain also has been involved in Eastside's color guard, the Junior Service Guild and Oxford Youth Singers, among other groups, during her high school career.

Cain, who also has volunteered at Newton Medical Center, said she will study nursing at Georgia Perimeter and later at Georgia State University; she eventually wants to become a midwife.

"When I volunteered at the hospital in labor and delivery, I got to know some people and the atmosphere," she said about why she chose the profession. "I found out it's a really happy place to be most of the time. I've always wanted to be in health care."

Before she heads to college in the fall, she plans to work during the summer, but she also will take a break by going to the beach with some friends to relax.

"I just want calm for a while," she said.

Mayo to spread her wings abroad

Eastside High School salutatorian Brittany Mayo isn't exactly sure what she wants her career to be, but she probably won't always be speaking English.

The 18-year-old Covington resident plans to study classics at Oxford College starting in the fall.

"I also want to get another degree," she said. "It may be in political science or international affairs. ... I want to work in an embassy or maybe for the CIA."

Mayo has studied French, Latin and Greek while in school and says studying classics is "awesome."

"Some of my best memories come from Latin class," said Mayo, who chose Latin teacher Eric Adams as her favorite teacher for the Top 10 banquet earlier this month.

She's been a member of the Latin Club at Eastside since ninth grade and also has participated in the Academic Team, drama and the school newspaper, Wingspan, while in high school.

Some of the most difficult classes she remembers are AP Biology, AP Economics and AP Latin, but she said attending every class helped when it came time for studying and tests.

"I usually just read a lot," she said. "I have a pretty good memory, so I can picture the page the material was on."

When she's not studying another language, Mayo enjoys reading, writing, sports, music and traveling.

She eventually wants to travel to Europe and Northern Africa, but this summer before she heads to college she will stick to closer locations. She plans to take a cruise to Mexico with her family and later attend the National Latin Convention in Ohio.

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