On the Beat: Woman arrested, charged with DUI

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Casual worship

The Covington police were called to the intersection of Alcovy Road and Herring Street in reference to a minor one-car auto accident. The female driver of the car said she swerved to miss another vehicle, left the roadway and drove off into a field as she was returning from church.

The officer, however, was suspicious of her story as he could smell "a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath," not to mention her speech was slurred and she was unsteady on her feet.

He also noticed she was wearing a rather strange ensemble. He observed she was wearing a white shirt, a black jacket and shoes, but no pants or skirt. The officer asked her where the rest of her clothes were and she said they were at home and went on to explain that her church was a "come-as-you-are church."

The woman was arrested on a charge of DUI.

Lost property

The person who left his or her stash of drugs in the shrubs at LongHorn Steakhouse won't be getting them back. The owner of the restaurant called the Covington Police Department to report he was outside looking at the landscape when he found a clear plastic bag that contained two bags of white powder and a bag of a "green, pungent smelling substance." The items were taken into custody by the CPD and were destroyed.

Why only three?

A woman reported that someone stole three tires and wheels off her Cadillac Escalade. The estimated value was $1,500.

Unusual gift

Newton County deputies found a man passed out in his vehicle with a plastic bag of suspected cocaine in his lap. They woke him up and noted that his speech was slurred and he had problems completing sentences. The deputies told the man he was under arrest for possession of cocaine. The man told the deputies someone must have thrown the bag of cocaine into his lap while he was asleep. They took him to jail.

What a deal!

A woman called the CPD to say the tailgate/ramp from a borrowed utility trailer had been stolen from her driveway. She said it was extremely heavy and she'd gotten an estimate that it would cost approximately $500 to replace.

Officers went to a local metal recycler and workers there recalled such a tailgate/ramp being brought to them in a white pickup. They remembered because the thing was so heavy - it weighed 380 pounds. The officer and the workers went to a pile of metal to see if it could be recovered, but, alas, it had already been shredded. The recycling company paid the driver of the pickup $35.15 for the piece.

Mailbox mayhem

Apparently, someone recently thought it would be humorous to go down Willow Shoals Drive and over to Laurel Way knocking down mailboxes. At least 10 mailboxes succumbed to the onslaught. If caught, those perpetrators would face misdemeanor charges.

However, the person who went a step further over on Saddlebrook Drive will face felony charges if caught for what he or she did to a mailbox there. A homeowner told deputies she left home about 6:30 and saw four young men standing at the corner. Thirty minutes later, a neighbor saw her mailbox ablaze and doused the flames. The stop sign at the intersection was also vandalized. The crime against that particular mailbox - first degree arson.

Too loud

Deputies were called to Stephens Court about midnight after neighbors complained that a woman was playing music so loud it could be heard at the end of the street. Deputies heard it upon their arrival and warned her to turn it down. The homeowner turned it off before deputies left, but she wasn't so accommodating when they came back a second time.

A little after 1 a.m., deputies were called back to the location, and this time they told her to turn off the music, but she refused and was uncooperative when deputies requested her identification. In the end, the neighbors got to sleep and she spent the night in jail.

A man who lives on Flat Shoals Road also made a noise complaint to the NCSO. He told them a silver Ford Mustang rides by his house at all hours of the day and night and the loud exhaust wakes him up and rattles his windows.

Self-service shoes

A Wal-Mart employee notified management that she had witnessed a woman using the self-checkout system who placed a pair of shoes in a bag without scanning them. When she attempted to exit the store, the person checking receipts noticed she had several items that were not listed on the receipt, mainly an assortment of shoes. When a CPD officer was called, he found an additional pair of shoes in her purse, along with a bag of suspected marijuana. She was arrested and the merchandise was returned to Wal-Mart.

Loose change

A woman reported her house had been broken into and the only things taken were Nintendo games and a "large plastic Coke bottle full of change." She estimated the value of the change at $2,000.

A Newborn woman said someone entered her home and took a 5 gallon bottle filled with coins. She estimated the bottle contained $5,000 in change.

Another woman reported that someone came through her den window and took three coffee and cookie tins containing her change. She estimated her loss at only $125.

Show me the way

An individual well-known to police drove up to police roadblocks during the Cheerios Challenge race. The man told officers he needed to take his mother home. Officers turned him around, but being familiar with his background, checked on his driving status after the race. They found that his license was suspended. They went to mom's house and arrested him.

Gas money

A man said three men came by his house to ask for some gas money. He refused and asked them to leave the property. Shortly thereafter, the homeowner left, and when he returned he found that someone had opened his safe and taken $800. He said one of men knew about the safe.

Previous tenants

A man told the NCSO that he believed the tenants who had previously lived in his residence returned and stole $50 worth of dishes and $60 worth of meat from him.

Escaped dog

NCSO deputies were called to Campbell Road for a complaint about a dog running loose in the neighborhood. The complainant said the family who owned the dog had been out as late as 11 p.m. trying to catch him.

Deputies spoke with the dog's owner who said the dog was kept inside the house but had escaped through a window.

Can't turn your back

A man called NCSO deputies and told them his weed trimmer and leaf blower were missing. He said he was cutting grass at a business on Industrial Boulevard and had put the two items down while working on the other side of the building for about 10 minutes. When he went back, they were gone.

Kids at play

NCSO deputies were called to a trailer park on Ga. Highway 11 where an estimated $2,000 in damages had been done to two trailers. Apparently, some neighborhood kids had used a baseball bat and rocks to inflict the damage. The owners of the trailers said they were talking to the parents and trying to work out a deal to get the trailers repaired. They said the kids admitted to doing the damage.

Not like on TV

A man and his son were racing their 4-wheelers to a wood line on the man's property, but apparently the wooded area came up faster than dad had thought. He slammed on his brakes, went into a slide and jumped off his 4-wheeler. He then lost his balance and fell to the ground. Here's what the man told deputies happened next: " He struck the ground (and) he heard a pop in his shoulder and started feeling some very strong pain." The man phoned his wife, who called an ambulance.

Just calm down

A woman called NCSO deputies to say her child's father had hit her in the mouth. Deputies asked the man about it and he explained that the woman was "talking smack so I hit her in the mouth." Deputies arrested the man, but then the woman began screaming and yelling that she didn't want him locked up. She told the deputies she just wanted them to calm him down. He went to jail anyway, but the victim refused to sign a witness statement.

Expensive accessories

A man notified the NCSO that someone had stolen accessories from his Mustang, including low-profile tires valued at $1,000 and rims valued at $6,000.

Lawn mower retribution

A woman called the NCSO to say that her ex-fiance had stolen two lawn mowers from her. She said she tried to call him, but he turned off his cell phone. The riding mower was valued at $1,200 and the push mower was valued at $300.

Lots of firepower

A man was found by NCSO deputies passed out in his vehicle near the area of Brown Bridge Road and Wisteria Way with a strong odor of alcohol coming from the window. Officers deduced he was drunk and took him to jail. However, before having a wrecker pick up his Silverado pickup, they found a cache of weapons and ammunition, including a Thompson semi-automatic .45 caliber machine gun, a Smith and Wesson stainless steel .357 magnum, a Maverick 12-gauge shotgun and a CN-Romarm AK-47. The guns were confiscated by the sheriff's office for safe-keeping, but a spokesman said the weapons were not against the law to possess and were not stolen, so they would be returned to the owner.