Rockdale BOE approves summer school budget

CONYERS - The Rockdale County Board of Education has approved $44,500 to fund its high school summer school program and summer enrichment camp.

The funding, which will come from the school system's special projects fund, will cover costs for instructors and other school staff, materials and other necessary items to run the High School Summer School Opportunity and Enrichment Camp.

This year's funding will

allow 450 students to enroll in summer school.

"In the past, classes (were) made only if enough students signed up. This year, we are able to enroll 450 students regardless of the classes enrolled," Heritage High School Assistant Principal Bob Bradley said in an e-mail. "If there is a much larger number than this to enroll, we will consider additional ways to help these students."

Registration day for the program is June 4 at Heritage High School, located at 2400 Granade Road in Conyers. Registrants must bring a utility bill and a rental agreement or home bill of sale for proof of residency.

Classes begin June 5 and continue through June 26 for the first minimester and June 27 through July 21 for the second minimester.

"This year's summer school will be for credit recovery and intercession only," Bradley said. "Credit recovery is for a student who has previously failed a course, yet met the state-required seat time for the course. ... Intercession is for a student who has completed a class during the previous semester with a grade of 60 to 69."

The program consists of three class periods per day; students can take up to six half-unit courses - three during the first minimester and three during the second, Bradley said.

"Credit recovery and intercession (classes) are self-paced, individualized, computerized instructional programs that are intended to be completed in 30 hours. Students will have access to instructors to help guide the computerized instruction," he said.

For students taking credit recovery courses, he said they will take an end-of-course test, if required, and must successfully complete the class to earn an additional grade for that class. The student will also earn a half-credit for that course. Those students who successfully complete the intercession class will have their class score increased to a 70 in addition to earning the half-unit credit.

"The lectures, quizzes and work are all done online," Bradley said. "The students, parents and instructors can see progress made online. The students must be successful in order to move on to new material."

This year's summer school program also will offer a free review class for students who need to prepare for the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

"This virtual tutor program will help prepare students for the (test) in the areas of math, language arts and science only," Bradley said. "This free course will give our students valuable practice in preparing for this state-required test for graduation."

Summer school also will offer an SAT enrichment course in math and English.

The cost for the course recovery classes and SAT preparation are $50 for in-county students and $250 for out-of-county students, if space allows. Only cash will be accepted. The GHSGT prep classes are free for Rockdale County students and cost $250 for out-of-county students, again if space allows.

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