Shoal Creek Elementary School came in third place in this year's Georgia's Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl.

HRRB is a quiz bowl competition that uses knowledge of the year's nominated books for the Georgia Book Award.

Teams were comprised of five students who answered literal questions about the books in six rounds of competition. Each correct answer was worth 10 points, and each round consisted of 10 questions.

HRRB started in DeKalb County in 1985. Since then, it has spread to many other counties in Georgia. This year was the first year schools from Rockdale County participated.

Anna Burdett, media specialist at C.J. Hicks, and Debbie Smith, media specialist at Shoal Creek, brought the idea to their schools after attending a training on coaching a HRRB team. Their enthusiasm inspired Michelle Fitzgerald, media specialist at Hightower, and Lisa Holbrook, media specialist at Honey Creek, to also start teams at their schools. Mandy Mack, a fourth-grade teacher at C.J. Hicks, agreed to help coach a team at the school, allowing Burdett to take over as the main coordinator of the county-level bowl.

In February, at Gen. Ray Davis Middle School, the four teams competed to determine which two would represent Rockdale County at the Eastern Regional Bowl in Augusta.

Competition was tight and in the end, only 30 points separated the first- and third-place teams.

The team from Shoal Creek and the runner-up team, Honey Creek, attended the Regional Bowl in February.

The competition at the Regional Bowl in Augusta included schools from all over eastern Georgia. Shoal Creek earning a trophy as a third-place winner.

SideBar: Reading Quiz Bowl Books

Book - Author

"The Report Card" - Andrew Clements

"Sheep" - Valerie Hobbs

"Isabella's Above-Ground Pool" - Alice Mead

"The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood" - Barb Bentler Ullman

"Macaroni Boy" - Katherine Ayers

"Hero Revealed" - William Boniface

"The Misadventures of Maude March" - Audrey Couloumbis

"The City of Ember" - Jeanne Duprau

"Flush" - Carl Hiaasen

"Sand Dollar Summer" - Kimberly Jones

"The Book of Story Beginnings" - Kristin Kladstrup

"Gossamer" - Lois Lowry

"The Wall and the Wing" - Laura Ruby

"Bella at Midnight" - Diane Stanley

"The Earth Dragon Awakes" - Laurence Yep